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The Internet Killed The Nine-to-Five Job

Updated on January 11, 2011

Don't Quit Your Day Job (yet)

Ok, so that title was a little optimistic. But it is coming, I tell you!! The time is coming when the Internet will provide many people a real alternative to their current jobs.

There are some personality types that are naturally attracted to the promise of the Internet. People who reject the old ways of doing business- the shadyness of the old boys club, glass ceilings for women and implied racism in the workplace, will embrace the transparency and community that the Internet offers.

Loners, Nerds, Shy people and others who do not fit into the current stereotype of the working public will all have new opportunities to be contributing members of society. It is happening already.

I Saw The Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes

Everyday, some smart cookie thinks of a new idea, takes it to a financier and makes it a reality. It happened with Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Hubpages and many other websites that are hugely successful. The current situation however is largely in favor of people who create huge websites that cater to the perceived needs of the general worldwide public.

Providing a platform for the Online "Middle Class" to make a living will need to be the next step in the evolution of the Internet. Right now, the average person can supplement their income by being involved in online affiliate, PPC, PPA and content writing programs. Some of the most successful people in those sectors can make a comfortable living and some even make millions of dollars. But those are only the top 10%. The other 90% are still left out in the world of pocket change.

But it is evolving! Think about it, 15 years ago it would not even be conceivable that an average Joe could join a site like Hubpages and dream about making enough money to take care of his monthly gas and electric bills. Maybe in the future, that same average guy can think about making enough money to buy a house for his family or send his kids to college with the cash he made online.

So get ready for the future guys. Get involved right now and start learning about the awesome world of online business.


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    • ygfhelpers profile image

      ygfhelpers 6 years ago

      Hello Trishool,

      If ever a group needed some help with an online platform its the middle class and the working poor for sure. I can't wait until the middle class realizes that it can unite and align itself online to make money for itself. WHAT A CONCEPT! Pay yourself first. The rich must be wondering whats going to happen.

      Great article.


    • profile image

      Shane Holloway 7 years ago

      Hey trishool, I agree with your forecast. The internet is more mainstream than it ever was. Finding your long lost friends and colleagues is easier than ever with social networking sites. Another great hub



    • profile image

      haley 7 years ago

      i for one quit my 9-5 job to work from home:


      - above minimum salary

      - look after my kid

      - no waking up early

      - can watch television and work at the same time

      - no need to go shopping for new office attires

      - salary just builds up in my bank account, i only get to spent 1/4 of my salary.

      there's a lot more that i would like to add to the list but i'd live it to the others to specify.