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The Introspections of a Recruiter

Updated on June 10, 2014

Introspections of an IT Recruiter

The IT staffing industry is a very unique piece in the world of Information Technology, for it is that piece of the puzzle that thrives on solving puzzles for its clientèle. This is essentially the world of consulting, where innumerable recruiters work day and night to search, connect, and close contractual requirements with their end clients, while matching, promoting, guiding, and selling their consultants for the ‘perfect’ contract. What’s a ‘perfect’ contract you ask? Well, it’s a combination of finding a reputed client, whether through a trusted vendor or directly, with a nice long-term contract and a very attractive hourly-rate, then matching the perfect candidate/consultant for the job, subsequently promoting/marketing/selling them to the client, and guiding the consultant/s for a perfect interview, thus resulting in a 'perfect' placement.


All this sounds very hunky dory; until one of the several dimensions, some of which were just mentioned and some being the little nitty-gritty in between, go…well awry. Well, you see, not always are the clients are as great as promised by the vendor in between, even them being unaware of the dark sides sometimes, to be fair on them. The next in line, the contract itself may not be perceived or rather interpreted in the ‘perfect’ or accurate manner, resulting in the probability of misunderstandings. To top all this off, the actual process of matching the profiles of consultants with the client’s requirements often give birth to a whole set of challenges and perhaps mishaps at times.


The ingenuity of these consultant profiles are entrusted with their employers/agents, and sometimes with the vendors (middlemen) in between. Whether or not the consultant is actually capable enough, still remains to be tested vis-à-vis the client interview, which could be one to three rounds (gross average), thus ensuring the test's success. That being said, the recruiters’ dilemma in matching their consultants perfectly, versus matching the keywords in the requirements posted by the client, remains a mightier challenge from the employing company's point of view, not to mention the image and reputation of the contracting company, the recruiter's employer, being at stake as well; all on the shoulders of the recruiter who’s job, at the end of the day, is to aggressively find a requirement to submit and sell his/her candidate. To add to this little obstacle, the consultant’s mood or consequential availability, even if for a genuine cause, simmers an extra bit of bubbles in the blood of the recruiter, who as an innocent salesman starts to feel…well victimized, for the lack of a better term.


The eventuality, when the said consultant goes through the interview/s successfully and the affirmative phone-call reaches our nervous 'victim', all of a sudden, turns all qualms, and nervousness into sweet music to the ears, and the confirmation email almost shines like a halo. The day is saved, all reputations intact, and good days, with the perfect contract and its promising commission, are all that lie ahead. The saved victim now signs off the day victoriously, hoping the consultant survives the probation period, and the next day to be yet another opportunity to taste more victory.


How difficult do you think is the recruitment process from the average recruiter's point of view?

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