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The Little known Secret of your credit report

Updated on June 5, 2014
Little Known Secrets of your Credit Report
Little Known Secrets of your Credit Report | Source

Credit Clean Up

Credit Do It Your self

The Littele Known Secrets of cleaning your Credit

The Little known secret of cleaning up your credit report, is this of interest to you , your credit, will it should be one of the first things you should clean up if it's in a mess .I find that most people do not know what to do if their credit is bad or has bad marks on them form years of abuse either by you or the credit reporting agencies. I have a little known secret way of cleaning up your credit,and I am about to do it again for the second time,so I thought I would inform those of my little known secret, that need a little bit of information to do this.I first cleaned my bad credit up about15 years ago, now this article will not help if you have had bankruptcy , because Ive never had that, it still may work, but I am not talking about that. I am referring to those of us that have high credit limit cards that have gone back to a credit reporting agency or have had a default in a car loan, these are the ones that want to read this short report.

The first thing you need is a copy of all threecredit reporting agencies, I heard from somewhere where there is four,so check this out also, it will stil work and either clean up your report totally or clean it up a bit. After you have your reports make a spread sheet of those bad credit cards that I am sure are not yours or if they were be as honest as you want to be, it's your life ,not mine at stake here. Ok lets start with number one of the little known secret, you had a car go back, well this is the hardest one to get cleaned up, but some reduction could happen, you need a form letter also for this and make 4 copies, or 5 if there is 4 credit reporting agencies. Number one you probably don't owe as much as the report says on the vehicle that was taken from you,here is a little known secret, the title company will send your car to auction and sell it and therefore your responsible for the remainder of the cost to the bank or financial institution you get the loan from, so what you want to see is the selling invoice from the car , ask about the car , How Much did it sell for at auction? Send this to whoever has the credit report against you, they have 30 days in which to reply, and here is a little known secret, DO NOT do this electronically, you send this as with all your disputed credit issues,return receipt requested, Why? so after 30 days are up you can then request that the credit reporting agencies by law have to take this off, if not send them a copy of your return receipt from your letter and send one to your local agency that deals with credit issues.If your lucky they sold that vehicle for the price you owed on it, and your Scott free, because you no longer are an interest to that party of the claim.Sometimes though they will mark it up as paid but after repossession. This can be taken care of in the same manner just wait 3 months.

For the credit cards you want to have three or four form letters saying that the mention credit on your report from so and so, is incorrect and as per Federal law you have 30 days to either take this off my credit report or send me an invoice, because I have no idea what it is, if you don't know what the dept is.Do this again by hand writing not by electronic means, this way it takes time to deliver the mail and it takes time for the credit reporting agencies to open and read ,then search and re-send your letter back to you. Are you catching on now?Do this with each and everyone, it may take a few days but in the end result I believe you will be happy that you have either relieved yourself of all bad credit if it was not yours,and now your score will go up or at least have received an invoice you can dispute with the credit reporting companies .

Timing is of the essence and having documentation of sending these through the mail you must keep or your waisting your time and effort. I have recieved a bad credit rating this time because of fraud on my credit and so I am resorting to this method to clear mine up. This was a quick way to tell you how to clean up your credit and it still works, it's just a time thing, so bare with it. Make sure all your letters are legible, and have the account numbers so they can be verified also. I hope this helps someone else that has gotten a little known secret on credit repair

This article is meant to help those of us who have received notices of credit owed to a company and not known who or what the charges were for, be it you don't remember or did not make those charges, needs to be addressed,credit scores can effect your job,and everything in life we do. Please take this as a helping article for those who do not know where to turn to.

Christopher 2.21.2011


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