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ENTJ Profile of Interests - The Marshaling Personality Type

Updated on November 15, 2015

The ENTJ personality type is the Field Marshal. About 4 percent of people (in the U.S.) are ENTJs. Being an ENTJ means that you have the personality profile

You (E)xtravert your attention and focus on your outer world and you desire variety, action and having people around. You are energized and stimulated by things and people in your environment.

By your i(N)tuition you have your own take on people relationships, theories and future possibilities. You also like to have a plan ahead of time, while not in detail; putting that off until later.

(T)hinking means you are conscientious and your decisions are based on logical analysis and objectivity. Some may think your observations are quite knowledgeable.

You exhibit your (J)udging through your orderliness and your desire to promptly settle or complete things. You like to bring things to a conclusion and are always looking for a way to make that happen.

Is This Your Personality Type?

Are you a familiar ENTJ? Have you ever had employee screening and taken a "personality type" test or other tests for employees? If not and you want to know what your myers briggs personality type is, here's a free place to start.

Mobilizing People


7 Recommended Job Parameters for the ENTJ Employee

ENTJs find work more satisfying where you have these parameters included in your job.

  1. Opportunity to advance as a leader

  2. Interaction with a variety of people on a variety of projects throughout the day

  3. A challenging environment where your competence is fairly and consistently evaluated

  4. Latitude to solve complex problems in creative, yet logical ways

  5. Work with others you respect

  6. Doing some long-range planning and development of some strategies to improve systemic efficiency

  7. Respected for your contributions of ideas and actions



Some Natural Abilities of EnTJs

Natural abilities that ENTJs use to achieve job satisfaction, and which define your natural strengths, are like the following. You would be more effective in jobs that incorporate these abilities (listed in alphabetical order).

Intuit, perceive, interview people to ascertain their thinking/behavior, and what influences it; behavior analysis 
Train, mentor, persuade, lead to a goal 
Oversee, initiate and implement change, make decisions, be in charge, run a program
Talk with, converse, team green-lighting, negotiate, mediate
Expand knowledge
Gain understanding of more things, in general; innovate, divergent thinking
Predict; guess or set long-range goals or objectives
Motivate, sell, and change attitude or opinions of others; help society
Coordinate, schedule, structure, program, strategize, to order or arrange things or people 
Integrate ideas and information, combine diverse elements into a coherent whole

Introduction to the MBTI

ENTJs love to lead

ENTJs are exhilarated by unsolvable impasses and impossible feats! You look beyond what is already known. Complicated challenges to take on, with little interpersonal conflict, is important to your motivation and the production of good results under pressure gives you a sense of fulfillment.

You ENTJs look for people you can respect and who respect you to then interact with and think out loud on creative yet logical ways to predict and plan for future needs and trends. This is your favorite process for reaching the tough and logical decisions, considering many, even unrelated variables to work it into a long-range plan. Once a plan is agreed upon, you ENTJs then marshal and organize the available resources to make the plan happen; one that will perfect or improve systemic efficiency.

3 Interest Areas of ENTJs

In another article I explain six areas of interest and those compatible to the ENTJ personality usually involve Enterprising, Investigative, and Social (or EIS). The combination of the three interests can be expressed as "lead others to a logically analyzed goal that impacts people for the good". Enterprising interests are expressed in your desire and ability to organize things and motivate people towards a goal. Your Investigative interest is expressed in your independence, curiosity and desire to learn. Your Social interests are expressed in your desire to help have a positive impact on others. You are motivated to engage people in making the positive impact happen.

You ENTJs thrive on challenging problems with wide scope and find most satisfying a role that involves organization of people towards a solution.

The ENTJ would rather.... 
strategize solutions 
operate engines 
be in charge of something complex 
do precise, exacting work 
marshal resources for a pressing challenge 
follow along helping behind the scenes 
work with those ready to engage their skills
those who are unreasonably emotional
fair and logical evaluation for your contributions
be incompetent in anything you do
honesty and directness
harshness and disrespect

Why identify best-fit type?


You ENTJs can be straightforward, confident and unassuming, yet you may at times seem rather rigid in style and your frank opinions a bit harsh, even though this is not your intention. However, you normally seek to work things out in order to have the best impact on others, and so what may be needed is to take time to communicate these intentions and the fact that you really are not seeking complete control.

What's worse is you will exhibit a pattern of anxiety symptoms particular to the ENTJ personality. Your balanced approach of being logical, fair and controlled can get knocked out of balance when hit with accountability issues, others' display of emotion or a violation of your values. Your response when this happens may be bad enough to then leave you with regret in being "too harsh".

This isn't too bad if you can manage to get relief from these stressors and get back into balance, however, if relief is not found, it gets worse! You ENTJs then go extreme by harping on one-sided opinions with little data, while carrying on internal arguments with yourself. Out of character you may also become hypersensitive to your inner state or other's emotions, pushing down feelings of being unappreciated or used, and then display outbursts of emotion resulting in being afraid of feeling, anything! By that point (if not before) you ENTJs must take drastic measures to get back into balance. You must go get some silent support from others for your deep feelings; talking to someone you trust.

Return to Balance

BUT, you ENTJs do want to return to active involvement in getting things done, so you will regain your balanced unassuming selves once again. Doing is your motivation. So much so, that you ENTJs enjoy mobilizing people according to your own theories and tactically based agendas, while also content to enforce "the rules" (often dictated by tradition or handed down from a higher authority).

We need a lot of these ENTJ people. The trick for you ENTJs, though, is to keep yourselves in balance and well paced -- so that the people you manage don't have total tire tracks on their backs for being slower than ENTJ speed. Relaxation does not come easily to most ENTJs, either. When it does, it is only because it has been scheduled, so view it as one more assignment to master, and attack relaxing as a challenge!


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