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The Missing Sales Touch

Updated on November 27, 2009

The Missing Sales Touch

Do you notice seller often focuses on selling the benefit, quality, and competitive prices of the product or service to the buyer? I see that all the time when the seller approaches me by phone, email, or face-to-face meeting.

I am impressed by many articulate and professional sellers who do a good job in their sales presentation. However, most of the time I don't buy or even consider the fantastic offer. The reason: their sales pitch didn't recognize my existence. I felt like an ATM machine expected to spit out cash after I was hyped by a great offer of the Century. Sound crazy? You bet!

If you were the buyer (the customer), what is the first thing on your mind when you listen to the seller doing his/her presentation? Honestly, what is the first thing on your mind that you want to tell the seller while he/she is dumping you tons of information about the product or service that are supposed to excite you? You know the answer.

Now you are the seller. What is the only thought on your mind after you finished the offer of the Century sales presentation? You know the answer.

Do you see any human connection between the seller and the buyer in the above scenario?

In the beginning stage of the sales process, the buyer is always Mr. No and the seller is always Mr. Yes. Therefore, if the message of the seller is all about the product or service only, the buyer would feel left out and disrespected. The point is we are all emotional human beings. People want to be recognized and respected before their mind will pay attention to the person talking to them. The buyer is an emotional human being and every thought on his/her mind is about himself/herself, not your product or service.

The buyer buys if there is amiable mental connection with the seller. And the amiable connection is the buyer's self-centered ego. Try smile to a stranger and see what response you will get? If you get a slap or a punch on the face, you must have a wierd smile, and don't complain to me because I can't control how you smile. However, if the stranger smiles back to you, you have won his amiable mental connection.

In the same way, if the seller pleases the buyer's self-centered ego with an initial warm-up conversation that is all about the buyer's topic of interest before doing the sales presentation, I guarantee you will jerk the buyer's wallet to your favor. This may be the Missing Sales Touch between you and the big "YES"!

***  this article is copyrighted and published on another blog by the author ***


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