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Time Management

Updated on December 16, 2014
5 Android Apps To Help Make Better Use of Time Management
5 Android Apps To Help Make Better Use of Time Management | Source

Is your current supervisor an effective time manager?

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Time Management Guide

Components of Time Management

One of the most important qualities of an effective business manager deals with;

  • Time Management: which is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
  • Effective Time Management Leaders: are persons capable of managing the full scope of their work load (successfully enough) that the end result implements;
  1. Better work environment for all personnel.
  2. Strong team work participation between co-workers.
  3. Higher production rates within the normal range of set profit margin.
  4. Higher net profit margin.

When time management was first indoctrinated as a management skill, it had not been expanded to include the personal and social lives of business management. However, today corporate America spends millions of dollars to educate their management workforce, about how they can implement effective time management skills, in every aspect of their daily lives. There are even Apple IPhone apps and Google Android apps that are designed to help people manage time on social networks, at work and in their private time.

What has been discovered over the past decade is that, effective time management is a necessity, in order to achieve success on or off the clock. Time management skills and techniques no longer are referred to as industry skills but rather, they are now referred to as life skills.

As William Shakespeare said,

"Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late."

Progetti's Infinite Wall Clock

The Infinite wall-clock is by Progetti
The Infinite wall-clock is by Progetti | Source

How To Find the Right Manager

  • Effective time management is about organization and self discipline.

It really is that simple..., but finding a good time management leader, can be a difficult task to accomplish. If at all possible, be diligent. Avoid rushing through the interview process. When interviewing a potential business manager or supervisor, it is important to assess that person's private time. Private time verses professional time, has to do with how well that person manages their time, on or off the clock. It is important to remember, one of the main ingredients to a true leader is, time management effectiveness.

As any employer or hiring recruiter can concur, screening candidates can be a challenge. Great employee placement hires are not a fluke in the business industry. They are accomplished by using certain techniques and resources. Every good interviewer has a set list of questions, designed specifically for the position they are hiring for.

  1. Center questions on sick days, paid leave of absences, tardiness, missed deadlines, personal days, etc...
  2. Depending on how well they answered your verbal questionnaire, cross check and assess their answers with that of their previous employment records, employee file and work references.
  3. Keep the list broad but brief, and always to the point.

Another technique is what I term the "cross check." As a hiring recruiter or employer- it is easy to lose focus of the intended hiring mission. Which in this scenario is an effective time manager.

  • An effective time manager is someone who is capable of organizing people in completing work on time, meeting deadlines, and fulfilling projects/tasks on or before the due date.

After an interview, privately asked yourself this question:

"Did that person's private time (at any point) interfere with their past employer's production time?" Always cross check the candidature's professed acclamations- to the main qualification of the position that is being hired for.

Google's Business Definitions


a.) the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.


a.) the conducting or supervising of something (as a business).

b.) the collective body of those who manage or direct an enterprise.


a.) plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done.

b.) measure the time taken by (a process or activity, or a person doing it).

Questionnaire for Hiring An Effective Time Management Leader

These basic questions can be applied to all career levels of potential job hires. No potential hire is above the core dynamics of good business sense. Make any potential hire accountable for how they spend their time.

  1. How many sick days have they missed in the past three years? Four or less missed days a year are the target numbers. Employees who miss more than four work days on a yearly average, are costing the company money. Do not make the mistake of hiring someone, who is going to wind up being more expensive, than what they are worth. To make money- all businesses must have a grip on their profit and loss margins.
  2. How many times per week did they arrive to work late, skipped out of work early, or took a long lunch? Salary managers, who are constantly coming in to work, 2 to 3 minutes after their scheduled start time, should be red flagged as a no. Hiring a manager who potentially does not realize that on a weekly average, the employee(s) working underneath him/her, are also going to probably follow in the same footsteps as their immediate supervisor's footsteps. Employees who are managed by a person running late all the time are too, clocking in 2 to 3 minutes late each day. A single employee tardiness, can easy cost a company 15 - 20 minutes a week in lost production time. Over a month that number is quantified to 60 - 80 minutes. In a year that tardiness has now cost the company, an estimated 12 - 18 HOURS of lost production. If a manager cannot effectively come into work at their designated hour, they cannot effectively lead.
  3. Do they complete their work projects on time or with time to spare? Deadlines are set for a reason. An ending date to a project is when profit is made. Noncomplying missed deadlines and failed due dates, cost an employer/business thousands of dollars in lost revenue/profit.
  4. What skills and techniques do they implement to manage timed deadlines? It takes a certain skill set to be an effective time management leader. A strong time management leader is capable of achieving results verses dictating activities. Focus on asking the interviewee open-ended questions that talk about, how they used their leadership skills effectively. A solid leader makes sure that their team meets the required results successfully, and by the imposed due dates or deadlines. (Key word: RESULTS)
  5. How many "emergencies" did the interviewee have in the past year, in the past three years, five years even? Unfortunately, there are a few people whose entire lives are an emergency. The added drama of an emergency hog, can be very detrimental production and will deplete employee morale. Especially- if those employees are part of a small business team. Avoid an emergency hog like the plague. Look for personnel who answer that question by saying, "I haven't." (or) "Once..."


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  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 7 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    You're so kind. Thanks for reading.

  • howcurecancer profile image

    Elena@LessIsHealthy 7 years ago

    One vote up. Awesome.

  • no body profile image

    Robert E Smith 7 years ago from Rochester, New York

    The most secure environment to work in is when the boss makes rules and then enforces them always and to the letter. Everyone knows them and know when they mess up. No favoritism. No cliques. No exceptions. People adjust and in the harshness is a security that no one will be unfairly treated or coddled. It has elements of hardness but it is most effective. I've only worked one place like that. All the rest of my 40 years have been at one location or another that had favorites and people that were babied and should have been let go. You are my girl Julie. You know it. bob.

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    A great hub! Being a Manager is not easy, and it takes patience and skill to make a good Manager. Keeping staff, customers and Senior bosses happy is a real balancing act! :)

  • Darlene Sabella profile image

    Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

    Excellen hub, another greatness on your part. I spend most of my life as a manager, it's hard work, and even harder to satisfy the powers above, you are in a way stuck in the middle, carring for your staff, creating a healthy and productive work environment as well as the big shoots in the ivory tower. Rate up up love & peace darski


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