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The Other Side of the Counter: The Check/Debit Card remix

Updated on November 24, 2009

 Do you ever get the feeling that you're expected to be responsible for something that every other employee said whether you were there or not?

"But the other girl who was working here told me this."

I don't care, I'm not the "other" girl, nor am I a "girl" in any sense of the word.

On to my day.

I Know I Have Enough Money...

 A guy and his girlfriend come in and use a debit card to pay for a bunch of movies and a PSP. The card is declined. This only happens when the card has insufficient funds.

Guy: I know have enough money on that thing. I used it all day today.
Me: Okay, did you use it as a credit at all today?
Guy: What?
Me: Sometimes when you use your Debit card as a credit it doesn't show up till the next business day.
Guy: No, I always use it as a credit. I just but seven hundred dollars in my bank account.

Me: *thinking* And you're spending two hundred dollars right now which tells me you've overspent *outloud* Did you put cash or a check in?
Guy: A check.
Me: Well sir, some banks only give you a hundred dollars from the check and they don't release the funds until it clears the next business day. It's Friday today so-

Guy: *Say it with him folks* I know I have money on this thing. There's something wrong with your register.

Check Lady

 A lady buys fifty dollars worth of stuff and has to pay with a check. She's been paying with checks all day. The first check is declined. I ask if she'd like to try again. It's decline a second time.

And when checks decline at my store information prints out on the back of the check letting the customer know where to call to find out why it was declined.

Check Lady = CL
Me = The Artist Suffering for his Craft

CL: I don't know why it's declined. I've been writing checks all day today and yesterday and there hasn't been a problem.

Me: I don't know ma'am. There's a number on the back that you can call, but I don't know what else to tell you.

CL: *Say it with me folks* I know I have enough money in the bank. I've been writing checks all day.

But the Girl Said...

 But the Girl Said you had it

Rainchecks. They are lovely things. But my manager clearly said that even if you get a rain check there is no guarantee that the product will come in. It's just the way the distribution process works.

A gentleman comes to the electronics department and shoves a receipt in my face while I'm ringing out another customer.

Old Guy

OG: I'm here for that TV.

I look at the receipt and see that it was the same one I had printed out for him a few days earlier.

OG: The girl said you got a bunch of them in.
ME: Okay, let me check.

I find the model in question. Only the display is on the shelf and unless there's a clearence we can't sell displays. I get the price tag and do an on-hand inquiry and sure enough the only one we have is the display.

ME: I'm sorry sir, that one still hasn't come in.
OG: *Loudly* But the girl said you had them in!
ME: I'm sorry, sir, when was this?
OG: Yesterday, the girl said you got a bunch of TV's in.
ME: *Keeping my voice down* Okay, did she say it was this model that we got in?
OG: Yes.

I highly doubt he even told her which TV he was looking for. I'm fairly certain I know who it was yesterday as she took over for me and I know she knows how to look up the TV's if someone has it. I apologize to the man and he goes off on a tangent as he walks away.


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