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The Power of Packaging

Updated on April 5, 2015

Have you ever been in a supermarket, browsing for a product distributed by many various brands when, suddenly, one catches your eye? Maybe even sometimes the product isn't even what you were looking for but it's the product that captured your attention. And then, soon after, your racing to the check out desk with the product, not wanting to wait to get home so you can try the product? Packages are used to help hold foods for all sorts of reasons in all sorts of ways made of all sorts of materials. But, what qualities does a company look for when making their product? What influences their choice of packaging? Who creates packaging and what abilities are needed to do this?

Smart Packaging

Packages really do hold a power that someone is not able to accurately explain or think of right away. When seeing a package someone wouldn't say that the package looks good, they would say the actual food looks good; and can make decent foods seem sublime. Packages can change the appeal of the product greatly and create an original design that becomes memorable and is looked for by consumers everyday. A design appealing to the senses can become a new house hold good and can help the product reach out to consumers. The color can be a prime example, it can attract attention in the two seconds someone is scanning an isle and can be very iconic to the product, like the coke-a-cola red. If someone were to go to the store to search for a new product, they have never gotten before, they would most likely choose the one that looks the best. It sets a good image for the actual product and can help create the sale just as well, if not better, then the product can. Companies are able to recognize this, which is why they put so much time and money into creating the design. And many have seen increases in sales do to a redesign of a package for a fresh new package to help attract new customers. Also many companies lately have been changing packages to allow them to be recyclable and use less material in an effort to get green. Many different companies compete for sales everyday and companies will do whatever it takes to get ahead of each other in their efforts to make sales. And the package is one of the most effective ways a company can do so.

Packaging technologists

People who know the importance of a package are packaging technologists who work on designs for packages for companies. To become a package technologist takes advanced math and science skills as well as good speaking skills and negotiation skills. These skills are needed, and classes of the likeness are expected to be taken in order to receive a foundation degree to receive a job. Also classes like physics, chemistry, materials science, food science and nutrition are highly recommend by employees. Most become better at the skill through on the job experience working in offices or factories for the usual 9-5 from Monday to Friday A starting packaging technologist will make 15,000$- 20,000$ while an experienced worker can expect 25,000$-35,000$.

Qualities and Purposes

One thing that a box does for a company is it helps market the product by using a fresh and creative design to help make the product appealing. A container with a smart and original design will catch someones eye and cause them to want the product. Also, a container carries a lot of information such as nutrition, ingredients, storage, usage and price. This can also be used to give facts to show the values and benefits of not only the product but, the brand as well. Facts can come from anything about the product and marketers can usually make the product seem better then it actually may be. For example a product with a large density may show it's unit cost on a price to weight ratio showing that you get more cheaper. And a product with a low density would sell the market the product on a price to volume ratio showing that you get more of the product cheaper. These and other techniques are commonly used to provide information. This will help make the consumer want to buy the product, by making it seem like a better deal. Packaging also keeps the food item fresher and better tasting for longer. Rather then exposing it to air and bacteria and allowing it to become contaminated. Also, the container can help make the product more convenient and easier to store and use. Finally, a package can control the size of the product, and ensure that an amount to big or to small is not sold.

Making Packages

Packages are almost always made by a machine, to ensure that the package is always made the same way every time, quickly and efficiently. And these packages are commonly made from either plastic, paper, paper board, glass, metal or aluminum (metal sub category). These materials are made into a package usually aseptic processing, trays, bags, boxes, cans, flexible packaging, pallets and wrapping. To find what to use to hold a product depends on all the qualities mentioned earlier and what material and type of packaging fit their needs. A product with a large volume to surface area ratio would be used to fit more while using less packaging. Also, shapes need a stable base to stand on and to be able to stack easily on shelves. A product that is meant to be held to eat should have a shape that is easy to hold, like a pop can. And packages that are meant to come in large quantities, should be able to stack to maximize space, like canned food.


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