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ISTP Profile of Interests - The Ready Personality Type

Updated on November 15, 2015

The ISTP personality type is on the Ready for Action. About 5 percent of people (in the U.S.) are ISTPs. Being an ISTP means that you have the personality profile


You (I)ntrovert your attention and focus on your inner world and you actually love your time alone. You are energized through reflection on information, ideas, concepts, etc.

By your (S)ensing you take in concrete facts, details, and focus on experiences that occur in the present.

(T)hinking means you are conscientious and your decisions are based on logical analysis and objectivity. Some may think your observations are quite knowledgeable.

You exhibit your (P)erceiving through adaptability and flexibility. You desire and have quite an openness to new information and knowledge.

Is This Your Personality Type?

Are you a ready for action ISTP? Have you ever had employee screening and taken a "personality type" test or other tests for employees? If not and you want to know what your myers briggs personality type is, here's a free place to start.


7 Recommended Job Parameters for the ISTP Employee

ISTPs find work more satisfying where you have these parameters included in your job.

  1. Complete short-term projects with an agreed upon end in sight

  2. Defined expectations and goals along with how achievement of them will be measured
  3. Space to make your own decisions about next steps in a project

  4. Manage tasks, rather than people

  5. A tangible outlet for physical activity and creativity

  6. Use of a majority of your skills and experience to date, or you can pass on some skill in which you are an expert

  7. Adequate time for learning new skills

These parameters are based on the ISTP personality's natural abilities and interests. Go here for some job hunting tips.

Some Natural Abilities of ISTPs

Natural abilities that ISTPs use to achieve job satisfaction, and which define your natural strengths, are like the following. You would be more effective in jobs that incorporate these abilities (listed in alphabetical order).

Motivate others in improving their skills; assist others' growth in mastering a skill
Invent; to improvise; to develop something better and expand it
Do something useful for others; to contribute, assist
Learn by doing; to apply experience or skills to thoroughly learn a new skill
Problem Solve
Mull over ideas and solutions to problems; think through a response
Use something in the physical environment; to do something that requires active physical involvement
Watch and listen to your surroundings; survey a setting or situation
Take Action
Get to work; to self-start an activity that improves something
Demonstrate a skill; to pass on a unique skill or knowledge to others

The MBTI Personality Types

ISTPs Love Physical Performance

ISTPs love physical activity and thrive on the new and exciting.  You love handling or operating objects in the world of see and touch, and figuring out how things work. You enjoy "hands-on" tasks and projects which often requires the outdoor environment, and are not one to avoid work that is hard or difficult.  You ISTPs have great mechanical and technical skills, and highly value competence in yourself and enjoy learning new skills.

ISTPs sensitively interpret your physical surroundings and utilize minimal resources to build, create or develop something.  You often express your independence through high action activities and can be quite the survivor in adverse physical conditions.

3 Interest Areas of ISTPs

In another article I explain six areas of interest and those compatible to the ISTP personality usually involve Realistic and Investigative and a combination Conventional/Artistic (or RIC/A). Your Realistic interests are expressed in your thrift, persistence, practicality, traditional values and common sense. Your Investigative interests are seen in your independence, curiosity and desire to learn. Your Conventional and Artistic interests are in a kind of tension, in that you like to work with data and details and do it efficiently, while at the same time desire to go about it with an independent flexibility without following a set of rules.

You ISTPs rise to meet the needs of the occasion. You love to find the easiest and most expedient route to completing a task, so as not to waste effort on unnecessary things, and often act as trouble shooters.

The ISTP would rather... 
learn something enough to use it 
learn it thoroughly 
make do with limited material resources 
limited staffing resources 
spend time with family
meet new people
go hunting or work on a car
write a report
do work physically hard
work that is mostly academic
work on a tangible goal
work on a goal ill-defined
use all his or her abilities
use just some of them
have general knowledge of many things
be a master of just a few
enjoy the activity with someone
always do it alone


You ISTPs are often somewhat reserved and easy-going objectivity, yet convey both an exacting competence and at the same time make an activity fun. However, ISTPS are generally private people who will share openly just with a few who are very close friends. You can get so absorbed in your own thoughts that you become and disengaged from others, seemingly distracted.

What's worse is you will exhibit a pattern of anxiety symptoms particular to the ISTP personality. Your balanced approach of being logical and objective can get knocked out of balance when you lose too much of your privacy, or are hit with others' strong emotional expressions or a violation of your values. You become vague in response, even at times using cutting and sarcastic language.

This isn't too bad if you can manage to get relief from these stressors and get back into balance, however, if relief is not found, it gets worse! You ISTPs then go extreme. You get hyper-logical, and may become hypersensitive to relationships; into out of character emotionalism. By that point (if not before) you ISTPs must take drastic measures to get back into balance. You must go get some peace and distance from others, getting away from intruding questions, and reduce your load of responsibilities (for the time being).

BUT, you ISTPs do want to get back into action, so you will regain your balanced objective, adaptable selves once again. Useful doing is your motivation. You ISTPs, driven by expediency and your adventuresome spirit, become drawn into action once again. The trick is to keep yourselves in balance and manage your call to adventure with life's priorities.

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