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The Realities and Process of Selling

Updated on April 15, 2015

Kwe Parker, of the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network, shared the following insights about the realities and process of selling, during the 2014 24-Hours of Motivation livestream event. The event was presented by Sales Expert Che Brown and Marketing Guru Trevor Otts:

We are in the business of getting clients, who are willing to pay us our worth, and learning how to sell more products without selling our souls. The perception of selling and fear of rejection must be addressed to be effective in sales.

Three Realities of Selling

  1. Customers will buy when they are ready.
  2. Communicating adequate value eases tension.
  3. Nurtured relationships yield great results. Follow through and follow-up is essential. Never throw contacts away.

Ask yourself, “What do I have that my competition doesn’t?” and then build a ‘unique selling proposition.’

  • Build Audience; Differentiate Yourself; and Communicate Value Consistently.
  • Develop a Process that can be replicated.

What are you setting out to accomplish? Start with audience, value, and follow up. A follow-up system is not a person. People get sick; you need to be able to keep business moving.

Growing up in a working-class Baltimore community taught Kwe Parker the importance of hard work, integrity and helped formulate the compassion he uses to guide people through financial transactions. As a skilled mortgage professional, Kwe Parker is both knowledgeable and adept in identifying clients' needs.

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Be Blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U

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