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Retractable Name Badge Holders - An Overview

Updated on September 2, 2013

If you are part of the workforce or a business owner, then the “No ID No Entry” sign and the “No Badge No Entry” sign would already sound very familiar. Both these signage are often thought of by employees as among the many causes for delay at the workplace entrances and exits. Day in and day out during the work week, part of the daily routine of the employees is to use their ID badges to swipe in during their entry to the workplace and then swipe out as they call it a day. While having to swipe in and out is quite monotonous and inconvenient, there seems to be no other choice but to comply with these procedures. Whether we like it or not, access protocols have to be in place in the workplace in order to create a safe and secure work atmosphere. Fortunately, the inconvenience and delays encountered at workplace security choke points have already been greatly reduced with the use of the retractable name badge holder. To find out why, please read on.

Introducing: The Retractable ID Badge Holder

Before the retractable badge id holder was introduced, employees' identification badges are just clipped onto their shirts using alligator clips. This necessitates the taking off of the ID badges in order to swipe in or out at the badge readers or scanners. Furthermore, workers who are using custom neck lanyards for their ID badges would usually pull their ID badges towards the scanners, bringing their necks along. These may just be minor things, but these actions give some degree of inconvenience and delay. When retractable badge holders became available, they immediately became a boon to many employees because of the convenience that can be had by using these innovative products.

Technically, the retractable ID badge holder is actually just a small reel that can extend up to 24 inches or more depending on the specifications. Attached to the reel assembly is a vinyl strap used to hold the name badge securely to the retractable cord. The cord then reels back smoothly after you release the grip on your identification badge. The badge reels usually come with durable clips which could be used to securely fasten them to clothing parts such as the collars, belt loops, breast pockets and neckties. Furthermore, the retractable reels can also be attached to a custom lanyard if some employees prefer to wear their custom retractable ID badge holders that way.

Other Applications

Aside from using it to hold ID badges or proximity cards, these holders can also be very useful in a lot of other applications. They can also come in useful during large assemblies such as seminars, conventions, and trade shows where proper identification and color coded tags are needed. During such business activities, custom retractable name badge holders are often used. Moreover, these holders can also be used for holding a bunch of keys. However, a heavy-duty retractable badge holder would be the most appropriate type to use for such purpose. Because of the versatility and popular use of these id badge holders, many companies are giving these as promotional items during trade shows.

Badge Holder Availability And Cost

Due to their immense popularity with the workforce and business entities, these badge holders are widely available across the country under different brand names such as: Norwood, Avery and 3M, just to name a few. The reels of retractable badge holders can be round or square in shape and can be made of transparent materials such as durable plastic resins. They also come in many translucent colors that make them more appealing. Some durable types have their reel casings made with stainless steel or even topped with gold or chrome finish.

More often than not, choosing the right retractable badge holder to use will depend a lot on personal preferences, tastes and budget of the user. Depending on the material composition, the prices of these holders will vary accordingly. The cheapest ones are the ones made of plastic materials while the more expensive ones are those made of metallic casings such as stainless steel, aluminium, and chrome finished casings. However, placing large orders almost always results in a better deal because most suppliers will provide reasonable discounts for bulk purchases.

Retractable Badge Holder Video


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    • PassinItAlong profile image


      8 years ago

      A retractable badge holder is a very handy item to have, indeed. The author rightly states, "They come in handy in large assemblies such as seminars, conventions and trade shows where proper identification and color coded tags are needed. They can also be used to hold those bunch of keys of yours."


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