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The Right Connections Will Generate More Progress

Updated on August 17, 2016

The Connections


It's Important to Have the Right People in our Environment

It's very important to connect and to have the right people in our circle. By doing so "progress" will occur. Having the wrong people in the circle could create a decline in productivity. That's why so many end up moving backwards instead of forwards because the wrong people are in their surroundings. To create a healthier environment one must be willing to disconnect from those who will hinder progress. Prosperity can occur with a smaller circle. A smaller circle could increase the chances of having more "success." Having those inventors, creators, and discovers within reach is vital to a "visionaries" journey. Too many people believe that they're popularity is better than having the right people within their environment. Being proactive is important. Noticing when to remove a person or persons from that circle. If they're not about progress then there's no reason why those individuals should remain on the scene.

Having the Wrong Connections Around Slows Progress

Some may be so in tuned with having lots of people within their environment and they may not be considering the consequences for doing so. The wrong connections could create a decrease in progress. It's better to disconnect and remove those individuals from the group of connects so that progress is created. The wrong connections could hinder goals, tasks, and projects. When trying to create something great one must connect with those who have the same passion. A lot of people may not be considering who's in their group. Some may fear not being accepted if there's removals but removals are necessary for "prosperity." No one can grow within a dysfunctional environment. If an environment is filled with all sorts of chaos then "growth" is hindered and why take the risk? Of course we may not always know who will create chaos or not. If there's any doubt then it may be time to cut the cord. Having the wrong people around can drain one's energy due to the stress. One shouldn't be surrounded by too much stress. Too much stress can cause a decline in health. When one notices that their environment is becoming chaotic then that's a time to act. Act quickly because the more time passes by the greater the changes of change of having difficulties getting the environment back to normal.

A Dysfunctional Environment Generates Stress


Removing the Bad Connects and Making Room for the Good Ones

Connecting with the right people isn't always an easy process. Sometimes we may misjudge our connections. The best way to decrease the chances of connecting with the wrong people is to research their background, ask questions, and read their social profile. If there's a lot of misinformed information then perhaps they're not the right connection. Sometimes even those who are well established on the list of connections may not be what's best. The right connections will most likely find their way to the ones who are trying to reach higher. The right connections can make an environment stress free or generate less stress. The right people will come and sometimes they'll need to figure out just who they're connecting with. Those are meant to stay connected will and those who are not will either disconnect themselves or will have to be disconnected. Don't feel bad when disconnections have to occur. THat's apart of decision making.

Surrounded by the Right People Generates a Happy Environment

The Right People Around Will Make a Person Great

1. Connect With the Right People

2. Remove the Negative People out of Your Cuircle.

3. Do a bit of Research on Those who Want to Join the Circle.

4. Be Observant.

5. Never Fear Having a Smaller Circle.

Having the right people around makes a big difference. Those who are driven to make a difference. The ones who will encourage instead of discourage. The shinning lights when there's darkness. It's so very important to have those positive people around. The ones who do nothing but criticize should not be apart of ones circle. Although some may enjoy having agitators within their circle, the ones want to progress, will do what it takes to progress and that means removing to toxins. Some may not feel comfortable removing people from their lives or their circle but doing so is necessary for "advancement." "Greatness is Achieved With Having the Right People in our Corner." (Tanikka Paulk)

"Be Great"



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