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The Right Time To Start a Online Business

Updated on January 1, 2013
start an online business
start an online business

"He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap"

In our society it is nearly impossible for the average person to start a small business, participate in government, or stand out as a difference maker. There are many hoops to jump through and lets be honest if you are not born into wealth, or politics you don't stand a chance. The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those of us who wish to start a small business.

Starting an online business

Though the Internet has been around for a while it still relatively new, and holds many possibilities.

Online business is the only form of business that will allow you to get up and running without spending massive amounts of money.

Profiting through the world of the Internet is much like real estate. The difference being that there is an unlimited amount of real estate out there so you can get yours for next to nothing.

The unlimited amount of space is also the problem that many online business seekers run into. If you built a store and placed it in the middle of the wilderness, than no one would ever see it. Building a website and placing it in the wide open world of the Internet is no different. There is no signs, no maps, nothing pointing people to your business.

The time is now

Wal-mart is such a popular store that they can build a store anywhere they please, and people will come to it. In fact when they purchase land they purchase as much at one time as they can. Once they build their store the value of the surrounding property sky-rockets and they sell it off to these businesses who want to catch some of wal-mart's traffic.

This is the game you must play with an online business. You will have to build a product that people will want to use, then go out and advertise your website and point potential customers to your online business. Once you have a popular product you can sell advertising spots to other businesses on your webpage.

Ebay, google, yahoo, myspace just to name a few capitalized on this big time. Although stumbling upon an idea that produces results such as these are not likely to happen, it is very realistic to believe that you can start with almost nothing and produce a very profitable business online.

It's never going to be a better time than right now for you to start an online business. Right now no one owns the Internet, how long will it be before someone takes control? How long before the corporate giants capture the market and make it impossible of the small people?

Where to start an online business

If you are looking into creating a business online, no one can provide you better results than sitebuildit. Sitebuildit has created more successful businesses out of average joes than anyone online, and they have the best reputation of any program.

Although I am not a big supporter of ebay, this is where many internet entrepreneurs including myself started. There are many websites such as that sells pallets of overstock merchandise you can purchase and sell for a good profit on ebay. Ebay will charge you 5% of your closing cost on all products sold, so with gross monthly sales of $10,000 you will pay $500. Not bad when you compare to renting a retail building and paying all the bills, not to mention ebay brings you 100 times the traffic of a building in your home town. Ebay also offers training to help you learn what to list, how to list it, and even what to expect it to sell for. Selling on ebay is a science, expect to make a reasonable income, but be prepared to do hours and hours of research.

Future goals

Any successful business will have one common goal, to continually increase profits while decreasing expense. When that goal changes the business will fail period! While I'm positive that you could keep your business on ebay the rest of your life and have a nice income, your goal should be to go further. Once sales gross $10,000 monthly (if done right this will happen much quicker than you think) its time to think about your own website. This will be even more hours of research, however your best option is to continue to gradually grow your ebay sales and throw a link to your website on your listings, growing your website will be a long process but promoting it through your ebay business will give you a major boost.

Remember to set your goals for what you want to do, and not what you fell like you can do!


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    • profile image

      chouchou 8 years ago

      Thanks very much for the informations.

    • Breakthe9-5jail profile image

      Breakthe9-5jail 8 years ago from NJ

      Wow...thanks for sharing!

    • WorkHomeMakeCash profile image

      WorkHomeMakeCash 8 years ago from Arizona

      Like the site and comments. The internet is a great place for the average person to not only make money (possibly quickly) but get so much information about advertising, marketing, sales and more right at their fingertips. Network marketing is a wonderful tool. You can get the equivalent of a 4 year college degree in less than a year. The key is to find the right fit for "you". Nice sight and great tips

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks for the information, I knew nothing about ebay.