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Gatsby's New York - Top 10 Best Jobs in East Egg

Updated on August 31, 2014
Fire Island Lighthouse, Long Island, NY
Fire Island Lighthouse, Long Island, NY | Source

Old Mansions and Beach Vacations

In mid-April 2011, a housing developer on Long Island demolished the property known as Land's End Estate. Formerly located on Port Washington Peninsula in Nassau County NY on the North Coast of Long Island, the estate had likely been enjoyed by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920s.

Historians feel that either this or another local estate gave the author inspiration for the monied town of East Egg (Sands Point NY) in The Great Gatsby. However, Lands End Estate was also featured in the list of Nine Creepy Abandoned Mansions cited by

A green facility called Conference House Park is located at the southernmost point of New York and is also called Lands End. The Land's End Estate at Sands Point may be the one at which F. Scott Fitzgerald spent much of his time. The peninsula had been owned by the Vanderbilts and other wealthy, older families and their heirs in New York.

Sands Point is still one of the 25 Wealthiest Towns in America, placing #15 on the Bloomberg list and located only 25 miles east of Manhattan.

At Sands Point Preserve: Hempstead House or Gould Castle
At Sands Point Preserve: Hempstead House or Gould Castle
A markerSands Point, NY -
Sands Point, NY, USA
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Natural Attractions

Because of the castles and mansions on the peninsula, the Sands Point Preserve is the location of a popular Medieval Festival each year. Nature trails with a number of native birds, other land and sea wildlife, plants, and trees are open all through the year, with Wednesday being free entrance. Otherwise, the charge is only $2.00 per person. Preservation efforts included organized new growth woodlands.

The Gould Castle was built before the turn of the 20th C and purchased by the Guggenheim family at the end of World War II. Another of the mansions available for viewing on guided tours nearby is called Falaise, of French eclectic architecture and built for the Gugennheims. It is a beautiful home on the Gold Coast waterfront and a historic landmark. Many Guggenheim possesions interesting in American and New York history are found here.

The shoreline along the North Shore or Gold Coast of Long Island is made of glacial deposits of centuries past, erosion breaking up some of the large boulders depositis as well. The beaches of the north shoreline provide a number of sorts of seafood in various clam and oyster species as well as others. Birders often gather to watch wildlife of the air feast upon the seafood. 

Sands Point Shoreline

The Guggenheim Estate in the Sands Point Preserve


A look at the west end of the market area.

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A markerSands Point NY -
Sands Point, NY, USA
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B markerManhattan NY -
Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
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C markerJersey City NJ -
Jersey City, NJ, USA
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Homes and Employment

A a New York Times newspaper account of 1986 listed the price range of homes in Sand Point from $575,000 to $4 Million.

During Spring 2011 (25 years later), Trulia listed a price range of $1.15 Million to $16 Million. Median price was $2.9 Million (the Bloomberg list data is outdated at this writing). As of the end of April 2011, Lands End Estate grounds were to be subdivided into sections upon which five mansions were to be built, at a value of $10 Million each.

At 2,967 residents in Census2010, Sands Point grew over 6% in population just from 2000 - 2010 and about 23% report using mass transit like the Long Island Railroad and bus system. Related to this, job growth estimated by the federal and state governments is to be about 26% from 2010 - 2020. This is for the Long-Island/Northern New Jersey market.

High Demand Jobs

Approximately 330,000 job listings were evident within 25 miles of Sands Point in September 2014, up 100,000 job listings from September 2011.

Many local jobs are clustered in Manhattan, Jersey City NJ, Stamford CT, and the Bronx. At the same time, 1,500 jobs were located in Sands Point, Port Washington, and Manhassett; largely as Accountants, Supervisors, Physical Therapists, Executives, Auditors, Patient Care Assistants/Aides and Techs, Salespeople, and Registered Nurses.

Hot Jobs in the Larger Marketplace

  1. Project Managers - IT
  2. Supervisors - various industries
  3. Business Analysts
  4. Physical and Occupational Therapists
  5. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  6. Salespeople
  7. Administrative and Executive Assistants
  8. Software Developers
  9. Pharmacy Technicians
  10. Merchandisers

Fastest Growing Jobs to 2018, by State Estimates

  1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  2. Personal, Home Care, and Home Health Aides (HHA) - already in high demand
  3. Skin Care Specialists - non medical, but often serving in medical practices
  4. Athletic Trainers
  5. Geoscientists - especially related to energy
  6. Sociologists
  7. Physical Therapists, Assistants and Aides - already in high demand
  8. Medical Scientists
  9. Pharmacy Technicians - already in high demand
  10. Financial Examiners - Accountants and Auditors are in high demand

Top 10 Hiring Companies

  1. IBM Corporation - See highlights on Nobel Prize Winners below.
  2. Citi - Financial products
  3. Kforce - Staffing
  4. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  5. CVS Pharmacy
  6. Mount Sinai Medical Center
  7. Ernst & Young
  8. JPMorgan Chase - Financial
  9. CyberCoders Engineering
  10. Ajilon Professional Staffing

IBM: International Business Machines - Nobel Prize Winners

IBM at is one of the largest IT companies in the world, hiring thousands of employees and interns each year. The corporate office is approximately 10 miles north of Sands Point in Armonk, New York.

In addition to Computers/IT, research specialists at IBM are adept in advancing the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, systems science, and others.

The company's First Of A Kind research innovation keeps IBM ahead of other companies in advancing new work that creates needed products and services. Virtual Reality for 3D holo-meetings is a recent successful endeavor.

IBM Next Five In Five Innovations - Holo Meetings and More


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      Support Med. 6 years ago from Michigan

      Good to know home health aide jobs are high on the list there. Must be quite an experience to work in a mansion o castle. v/r

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      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for this tour of detailed attraction. I enjoyed reading your hub.

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      Jo Frank 6 years ago

      Loved the article, however especially was interested in the link to hot jobs in California, as I'm longing to go back "home". I'm getting the heck out of the Pacific Northwest. Going back to CA....thanks....voted up.