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The Very Inconvenient Truth (The Horror of a Globe Telecom Subscriber)

Updated on June 19, 2013

Globe Telecom Philippines

I thrive to live a life with less complication but with order and perseverance. Why you may ask? Only because as I understand people will be saner if there is a system they can follow. It would help them expect the results they wish to receive or even expect to have results at all.

With this I have concluded that life in the Philippines can be far less disappointing if only people listen and do their jobs!

Last November 2012, I applied internet and phone subscription to Globe Telecom because I’ve been really disappointed with Smart Broadband because my service was always interrupted due to several factors (weather, service maintenance, etc). Thinking Globe is better because they were DSL, I had them come to my home and install the service. The service was up and running and all was well until the next day. Service was out! I thought it was because of the new installation and that something has gone wrong. Unfortunately no. They said there was “a service maintenance too!” Strike 1!!!

Next incident about a month later I received an automated phone call saying my service will be disconnected because I did not pay my bill. To my recollection I tried logging on to their website for more than 6 times to be able to add our account to bill payment but to my dismay it wouldn’t allow me. So I called them and they said it usually takes a week for the account to be activated and I told them it’s been 4 weeks. They suggested to keep trying. So when I got that call I panicked! You see; my work is online, meaning no internet connection equals no job, equals no pay! So I called them again and they asked for my address if it was correct (didn’t they just install it so it must be correct right?!) I confirmed it was right. Finally I was able to add my account to bill pay and paid my bill on their own website for the amount of Php 1,862.24. Strike 2!

The second month I got disconnected because they claim I didn’t pay my bill again, which of course annoyed me. I told them I paid and they said yes but you have another bill you didn’t pay. I said if I got that bill I would have known, so same story goes. They said they will reconnect my service but I will be charged P300.00 plus late payment fee of P50.00 because obviously I paid late. I pay my bill the next day for Php 2,707.00. Strike 3!

Just the other day my connection was really slow. I connect to talk to globe chat to complain. They say the reason why it is slow is because I am for disconnection AGAIN! And I of course fuming mad ask WHY? I said my bill is not due until February 6 and it is only January 31! They said it’s because you have an outstanding balance. I said “what???” They said I didn’t pay my first bill. I said no I did! And they said they needed the receipt, so I gave them the confirmation and they said they will process it. I said I also paid my second bill thru bayad center, thinking it would be better (apparently not). They also requested that I scan the copy of the receipt and email it to them, which I did right there and then. That was Thursday, come Saturday night boom! NO PHONE AND NO INTERNET. I was freaking mad! I chatted with them again they said I have an outstanding balance. I told them uhmm I had the exact same conversation to a Supervisor named John last Thursday and I even emailed receipts. They said yes it was posted but I had an outstanding balance of P1,862.24. Ok this time hot air was coming out of my nose because the customer rep named Olivia was obviously really S-L-O-W. I asked her how many billing statements do I have? She answered 3. I said “how many times have I paid?” she answers “2” when is my third bill due? She answers “On Feb 6.” So I repeat why did I get disconnected?!!!! She answers, “Because you have a previous balance from you first bill of Php 1,862.24. At this point I had had it! I call her an IDIOT because she was! I curse to myself and head out to the globe center at 9:15am in the morning. Good thing they already have one in Montalban. The customer rep came out and called our number. Right there and then I tell her I am already really REALLY MAD, so if I raise my voice at her she should understand. I tell her my story. She looks up our account and coolly tells me. “Ma’am, nothing has been posted to your account, I can see that nothing has been paid.” So calmly as I can I hand to her my paid receipts and my cell phone containing the email of the receipt of my online payment. She nods and starts typing away. After a few minutes she tells me “Ma’am may I suggest next time if you can pay your bill here directly so as to avoid any other inconvenience; also I have processed your reconnection but I can’t say when, the soonest maybe in 24 hours. Also you will be charged Php 300.00 for reconnection fee on you next bill, you can refund it if you come and visit us here when you get your bill and pay.”

Try as I might, I wanted to strangle her. I controlled my self of course and just thanked her. I left the center thinking if Globe indeed train their people on whatever their jobs and responsibilities were. I cannot help but think all of them are inept. Imagine I’ve spoken to 4 different people and all the same problem but apparently no one did anything right. Haaayyyysss. Strike 4!

So GLOBE TELECOM please listen carefully and when I say LISTEN PLEASE LISTEN, I may not be your most important customer and I may not be your biggest account subscriber, however I am still a paying customer, I might not always be right, but you guys are always wrong! Your company is a multi-million corporation. Your executives might be earning millions of pesos. You customer service representatives might even get top of the market rates. However this only reflects that all of you are a bunch of morons! Excuse the insult but if I had to explain myself 5 times to be understood it only means that your people are incapable of comprehension. How hard is it to understand I've paid my bill with proof (let me remind you I sent it twice each receipt) twice at this matter and still have the same problem over and over. If you need a competent training consultant I am more than capable. You should fire your current HR Manager or trainor for that matter. (I don’t care who you are cause apparently you guys aren't doing your job).

You guys don’t care about my job I do! I have a family to feed and more bills to pay. Until now I still don’t have internet connection or phone service and I just hope this message will be retweeted and refacebooked to get to your top executives.

If you guys are so good in imposing fees for late payment or disconnection I should be penalizing you guys for the bad service you've been demonstrating. So NTC get your act together. Fine them! That should teach them a lesson!


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    • profile image

      Architect Jaime 

      4 months ago

      Bravo , very well said ( Thumbs Up )

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm having a hard time talking with globe asking for my bill adjustment since i don't want to pay my bills they charged me. Also, I experienced the same cases with you guys , I haven't use my postpaid plan for a couple of months now & I have used it for only 3 months & I always paid my bills during that period then, I called their customer hotline to just disconnect my line & I request to waive the bill but then the result was really sucks!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I do not need to read the entire post for me to agree because I've had a similar experience that I don't want to recall because it will make me cry again! Globe sucks to level of vermin! but what's news to me is that smart sucks too. I was planning on saying goodbye to globe services for the rest of my life and switch to smart. tsk tsk tsk. That leaves us non-corporate accounts no choice! huhuhu... we have no choice because internet connectivity is a necessity already, its so sad... Ang galing galing maningil at pumutol ng service, pero the service itself and even the customer support is equal to TAE!

      ***good vibes**** nakaka bad vibes ang globe panira ng araw.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I also have a problem on their connections that's why i transferred to the other provider but then.. i have a balance of 1k + for 1month but they told me when i signed up because the rep asked me to pay in that's what i did she even told me that.. I can use my deposit for my last month before the term ends.. so that i wouldn't be able to pay for the last month and im expecting that it was already deducted so i didn't pay and contacted them to disconnect the service. And it did but they were still sending bills.. i ignored it..after a month a guu came in our house to get the modem since it was already i gave it to him..after 1month diff guy from globe came again to get the modem and i told him that they already get it last month and i already surrebdered the modem.he told me that the guy who came before him was fake or something. Then asked about the billing why is it that i was charged 3k + since the modem was already surrended a month ago. The guy toldme its ok not to pay for it. the whole yr i received a lot notice and a lot of calls from globe telling the i have to pay my balance 3k + or else they may gave my nane to the court atty or something like that. I still ignored it and i don't know what's the possible effect if they subject me to the court etc.. any one knows about this..??and tell me what should i do..? I am not willing to pay because i didn't get the best service i wanted .. also.. i didn't use the 3k + so why did they charged me that..

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I understand were you're coming from but I think the CSRs over the pHone r jst call center agents with limited capabilities to immediately resolve your issues. The most that they can probably do for you is post your problem on their system and it will pickedup by another department. It wouldn't be fair for the call center agent to received all your curses. I suggest you go directly to a globe office and get exact name and titles of the one who will handle your concern. This will give the person a strong impression that you mean business. If that isn't enough, the guy above is right, course it to NTC.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I hear you, Globe really has bad services. Not only do their internet gets disconnected more often but their people (I mean their trainers, HR, or people responsible for choosing the right employees) are just horrible at what they do. As a result, their customer service is incapable of assisting us with our needs. I've had bad times with PLDT but after a while they'd get things back up and running to optimum performance. Globe? ....not really. In fact, we have tried taking the matter up to NTC and 'only then' did they do things right. This company is like a child, they need motivation before quality service is delivered.


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