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Ways to Organize Your Workspace

Updated on November 29, 2014

Do you have enough Work-SPACE?

Don't let this happen to you!

An organized workspace--what a concept!

If you are anything like me-- super organized, then stop reading now, you already know this. But, if you are NOT and are looking for simple ways to achieve a super organized, flowing and clean work space, then keep on reading.

First of all, from my experience, at a glance, a clean, organzied work space immediately makes me calm and peaceful and don't we all want that? Especially in high stress work environments?  I mean, I do. How about you? So, if you do, here are some simple and non-time consuming ways to do it daily:

  • Scan your workspace with your eyes first: Take it all in and admit your desk is messy. You can't change a behavior without admitting to yourself that you need help. This gives your brain time to assess where you need to start.
  • Make the time NOW!: In other words, don't change your mind. Just do it! At this point, make the goal to at least be able to see some desk space underneath the massive amounts of paper--achieve what I call "desk daylight."
  • Use other spaces to organize your piles: Take the piles from the last bullet point and use the floor, other tables, shelves that are available and just put them away from the work space.
  • Find the direction you want your work to flow in: This is the real work. For example, I have my work space segmented from left to right. Why? Because the left side of my desk is my largest work area so that's where most of my "Work in Progress" piles are. This is the section where I go to 80% of the time throughout the day. Therefore, my work flows from left to right. The right side of my desk is my "personal space." Having a space for work and personal piles allows for all items to "have a home!" Make sure your piles have homes. Find them a home now! 
  • Find time every day to clean up and re-group your work space: This is essential in ensuring that your work space is organized and clean every day in a stress free manner. Take a few minutes; for me it's about 15 minutes before my work day is over to re-organize my work piles from my work area and literally clean up my coffee mug, lunch, snacks, and other personal items from your personal area as well. 
  • Write down your to-do for the next day: No Brainer!
  • Line up your work piles in an orderly fashion for the next day: At the end of the day, you will feel less stressed out and ready to tackle the next days to do's and any new projects in an orderly, flowing manner. At the same time you will develop a new, positive behavior that will make you more efficient and effective. Always a good thing for your boss to notice.

Give yourself a breather today and make your work space work for you. Apply these simple and common-sense ideas and you will see how little by little you will feel and actually notice how much more effective your work can be.

Make the time. Make the space. Stay organized.

Happy Organizing!


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