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The Youth and Insecurity Challenges In Nigeria

Updated on May 8, 2014
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What Can The Young People Do To Solve Insecurity Challenges In Nigeria

It is heart-aching that these fiendish problems seem to be insurmountable because some strategized efforts made to curb them e.g. corruption cut no ice.

Though, we have not relinquished wholly in confronting the challenges but they wax stronger day by day that one wonders if there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Needful but sad to say, that the greater percentage of Nigerians are ignorant and poverty-stricken despite all her gigantic resources, hence insecurity challenges.

Nigeria is a wealthy nation because of her myriads and utilitarian resources but without any sense of euphemism, she is stinkingly wretched because she lacks the requisite techniques to optimally harness her natural resources.

Though independence is good but it fails to forestall national disintegration and instability and initiate radical transformation inundated with unity and tranquility.

Fragmentation in ethnicity, chasm in language, incompatibility in culture and tradition, divergence in religion and diversity in geographical existence have threatened our amalgamation and caused

acrimony and war for secession thereby cramping an outstanding development that Nigeria would have being enjoying. It is crystal clear that Nigeria has grown of age but has not made progress that is commensurate with it.

A nation flooded with decay in educational sector, moral decadence in public and private offices, high unemployment rate and lack of infrastructural amenities like transportation, good roads, electricity, good health facilities and many more should automatically face tremendous insecurity challenges.

But we can restore our lost glory and reputation and encounter sheer renaissance through employing the youths who are the engine oils that lubricate the economy and their quintessential vitality in ringing durable transformation is indispensable and cannot be overemphasized.

With their dauntless spirit of vigor, exuberance and creative minds coupled with the digital dispensation, we are not in doubt of the change that transcends beyond human imagination they will bring.

How to Resolve her Problems

The following are the possible ways for which the young people of Nigeria can embrace change and thereby resolving her problems:-

1. Self-employment and empowerment skills to ensure capitalism and privatization that create room for free market system where costs of products become cheaper for all and sundry and provide plethora of employment and skills for other teeming youths.

This increases industrialization, encourages economic growth and sophistication and most importantly enhances the quality of standard of living of a nation.

2. Active participation in politics to guarantee good governance and effective practice of emocratization process where people are entitled to their opinions and interests of the electorates take precedence to fuel national peace and uniformity.

This will help to disgorge bunches of senile, fake, rotten, corrupt, unsophisticated, greedy and power-hungry opportunists who represent their egocentric interest and thrust the citizens into thralldom and foment national discord.

Taking the bull by the horn through involvement in politics will lend credence to the assertion, "Youths are leaders of tomorrow" and today is that tomorrow.

As the youths accede to the throne of political positions with their uncorrupt and sacred heart, the latent economy is certain to revive and altruism, utilitarianism, egalitarianism, peace and justice will reign.

3. Flinching from juvenile delinquencies like smoking, robbery, etc through embracing moral principles and formulations of fraternal unionism where they will be guided by conventional laws and ensure they exercise their freedom within the confinement of the law.

This attracts foreign investment and boosts the economy.

4. Effectual maximization of their potential, talents and professionalism because they contribute immensely in spicing up national development.

5. Supporting logical and functional programs through moral advice, finance and impactation of skills and knowledge that focus on the betterment of the upcoming youngsters and ensure bequeathal of baton of leverage to them for sustenance of transformation.

6. Collaborating with international organization of youths based on common goals. These organizations assist Nigerian youths to bring into realities the changes which they cannot solely actualize themselves thereby bringing Nigeria to international prominence and limelight.

7. Standing solidly on the foundation of God's word. Without doubt, this is the most paramount factor that can actually make the young people become the change Nigeria needs because when they practice the God's word and fear Him, ultimate transformation becomes possible.

Writing by

Adaobi Ogbanuf and posted by elijagod


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