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The best Guidelines on how to become an Indispensable leader

Updated on November 29, 2016

How to become an indispensable leader

How to become an indispensable leader
How to become an indispensable leader

Indispensable leadership guidelines

Leadership is a very challenging and difficult responsibility to take. In order to become an indispensable leader, there is a lot that is required. Having a great idea and assembling a team to bring that concept to life and creating a successful business from anywhere you find yourself is quite challenging, and involves a lot. While finding a new and unique idea is rare at time; however, the ability to successfully execute great ideas is what separates the boys from the men or in other way the dreamers from the entrepreneurs.

Being a leader of a business organization, everybody expects much from you. They expect you to make employees better, drive revenue and maintain a sense of optimism around your working environment. Indispensable leaders understand that each day of leading is a challenge and embrace the hurdles they encounter rather than circumvent them (hurdles).

Most importantly, indispensable leaders leverage their influence, knowledge and experience in order to make the firm or institution they work with win. They accept full responsibilities for the performance of their people.

To become an indispensable leader there are some key qualities that you should possess or learn to acquire (thus, if you do not posses them) in order to overcome the challenging aspect of leadership. Below are some of the key qualities that you need to posses in order to become an indispensable leader:

Communication skills

Every leader should know what he wants to accomplish. However, this may seem a bit explicit in your head, but if you try to explain your vision or goals to someone else, it may sound different. You should be able to communicate your vision and the objectives of the team or organization to your subordinates. If you have been encountering difficulties in properly letting your subordinates know of your vision and the general objectives of the organization, then you are lagging in your communication skills. You would need work on improving your communication skills.

As a leader you should be able to communicate properly so that your people can understand you a lot better. You should relate your vision to your team. You should also develop much confidence in yourself. However, you should not undermine the role you are assigned to by being over confident; by doing so it can be detrimental to your success as a leader.

Display high learning ability

Great leaders are those that are always seeking for knowledge and are not afraid to learn a new skill. If you want to be an indispensable leader in your organization, then you should be prepared to learn. Learning new and better ways of performing a task would make you the kind of leader everyone wants to have around. You should note that your high learning ability on its own would not be sufficient to lead the group; however, you should be able to teach your followers what you have learned, and this where your communications skills play a key role.


As a leader, the business and its employees are a reflection of you. Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to should reflect on others if you are responsible for a team. It is always important to raise the bar very high. This can be done by being honest and making ethical behavior a key value to you and your subordinates as well. Promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage your team to live up to those standards. This can happen by exercising or displaying these values yourself. Exhibiting such a behavior will show how honest a leader you are. Note that you should not be Hippocratic about this; you need to be real in order to achieve success as a leader.

Ability to delegate and work hard

As a leader you should trust your subordinates by delegating some of your duties to them. Failure to delegate would put a lot of pressure on you. Delegating some tasks to your subordinates would show some level of trust you have in them, which is healthy for the success of the organization. Delegating some of your duties to competent members of your team is an important strategy you can take to achieve your vision. It is imperative that when delegating you should create time to monitor the delegated tasks. You should also take responsibilities for all delegated tasks as well. Another important aspect of delegating tasks is to perform appraisal. You should perform appraisal of the work you have delegated to your subordinate and make sure you inform him or her about their performances.


Being selfless is another quality that you need to have in order to succeed as a leader. You should not be seen by your followers as a person who puts his or her selfish interest ahead of the interests of the group. You should also propagate selfless attitude to your followers and reward members who display actions of selflessness.

Be a disciplinarian

There would be no order without discipline. You should show some level of discipline in your organization. A good leader is one who knows when to bring order among his followers. A good leader should be able to set rules and regulations and ensure that all members abide by them. You should know when to spare the rod and when not to. You would be a successful leader if you are able to bring discipline in your organization.

The above qualities of a good leader are essential to the success of the team or organization. You need to posses them (qualities) or work on acquiring such qualities. Below are some other measures that you need to add to the above qualities in order to become an indispensable leader.

Create a united vision among your subordinate

A team can’t meet its target whiles the team members are working from conflicting visions. Getting everyone on the same point will allow you become the” key man” of the organization. This would strengthen your control over the team; meaning that you would be able to organize your team to work on a achieving a common goal, which is the vision of the organization.

Build a strong relationship with people around you

It is better to build a strong relationship with the people around you, especially with those under your control. People want to be around with those whom they get along with. Build trust by being honest and real. Also try to tolerate people, however, try and not be over tolerant otherwise you would lose control of the group.

Work with excellence

Job done excellently will make you stand out in the crowd. Competency should be your first priority as leader. This will help you to meet your goals. Excellent results do not come on a silver platter; you need to work hard in order to achieve your goals. Exhibiting high levels of excellence in your duties will make you exceptional and unique among other leaders.

Take criticisms

To be a great leader you should be ready to swallow criticism. Not everything you do will please people. A thorough analysis of what your critics say about you can go a long way to benefit you and even make you a much better leader. This I refer to as; converting negativity into positivity. Analyzing what your critics say at times will help you identify your mistakes and amend them or put the necessary measures in place. Implementing this measure shows your readiness to learn and it makes you a better leader.


Considering the following points; take criticism, working with excellence, building a strong relationship and creating united vision among subordinates will help you to become an indispensable leader. You should also know that great leaders today were not born great leaders; however, developing great qualities like the ones above would help you become a great leader.

Indispensable leadership

Indispensable leadership
Indispensable leadership

Great leadership

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