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The difference between officers and enlisted

Updated on January 8, 2011


Enlisted Marines are not treated very well. Mostly the first enlistment. Enlisted Marines also have a lot of mental torment and discipline than officers. Enlisted also tend to be more physically fit when it comes to strength. Enlisted do not make as much money as officers. Promotions come much faster for enlisted. I believe there is more of a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie within the enlisted ranks because your not an individual your always part of a group. Enlisted although they lead a life of taking order and doing the dirty work have more fun and get to do cooler things. Once you reach the rank of Staff Sgt (E-6) you are more so held on the same treatment status as an officer. Once you reach First Sgt and Sgt Major you will hold a billet in a chain of command and will have more authority than most officers except for the XO (executive Officer) and CO (commanding officer). Enlisted Marines usually join fresh out of high school. Enlisted are always the trouble makers. The contract is different for enlisted than it is for officers.


To become an officer you must have at least two years of college under your belt. Officers get paid more and put up with less crap. Officers usually work alone and not as a group. Officers play the role of a leader and ultimate decision making. All of the officers I know well envy enlisted because of how much fun we have at time. You must be an officer to be a pilot. Officers are respected more. It takes longer to get promoted for officers. Officers get a lot of special privileges. Officers are usually really good runners.

Officers don't go to bootcamp, instead they go to officer candidate school in Quantico Virginia. Officers are know to get out and succed in the business world and excell at starting their own business. Alot of CEOs of major companies were prior officers.Officers wear some different uniforms. Officers are saluted.


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