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The job responsibilities, qualification and skills required for process control automation engineers

Updated on April 21, 2013

If you are keen to learn about process control automation jobs then you have landed in the right page. The blog post will provide the details of the responsibilities of process control automation engineers. The responsibilities of a process control engineer vary from industry to industry. The engineers have to interact constantly with the clients, management, support personnel and customers to ensure smooth operation of controls and automation. The process Automation engineers serve a process automation lead and technical resource for all large as well as small capital and improvement projects globally.

The key responsibilities of process control automation engineers:

As a project leader:

PA engineers are responsible for establishing project planning and goals.

They track the progress of any project.

They perform technical review of the control team and provide corrective feedback.

They oversee the simulation of the control system to test the improvement.

As a front –end loading leader:

They work with other process or instrument engineers to control requirements and determine projects.

They develop strategies for accomplishing the manufacturing execution system.

They estimate the process control cost.

They create the process control overview of the project.

They develop a user requisite specification for the system.

As a commissioning and start-up leader:

Together with the operation, they commission the process equipment and the control system.

They document the start-up plan for particular hardware and control strategy.

They provide coverage during start up.

They assemble the final process control costs related to any project.

They work with the commissioning team to complete instrument loop checks.

As a design or construction leader:

They determine the type of process control configuration and equipment to be used.

They conduct mitigation and risk assessment plans.

They develop functional requirement specifications for the system.

They check graphics and develop simulation software for completing the factory acceptance test.

They develop operator graphics and control software.

They create a detailed requirement specification.

Besides the above mentioned functions, the process automation engineer has a few additional tasks to perform. These involve:

One of the primary responsibilities for the process automation engineers is to design the control system and control strategy along with its implementation which is not quite typical in the industry.

They determine the safety integrity level, safety instrumented system and accordingly design and alter the basic process control system.

They work together with instrument engineers, chemical plant operator, process engineers, manufacturing representatives, electrical engineers and other vendors and stakeholders during any project phases.

Educational qualification:

Bachelor of Science in engineering (esp. electrical or chemical engineering) is required.

Experience in process control programming and project execution is preferred.

Minimum 5 years of experience in the manufacturing environment can be an asset.

The desired skills and experience required for the job:

The candidate should be able to work in a fast-paced environment with the clients and the management. Excellent communication, problem solving and leadership skills are required.

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is preferred.

Complete understanding of safety and burner control is essential.

The candidate should have the ability to prioritise concurrent projects and meet the required deadline.

The candidate should also be flexible with project travelling both domestically and internationally.

A thorough understanding of the instrumentation and process control along with the ability to troubleshoot control system is required.

Understanding the control system network topology is a plus.

Training in the field of Logic design, industrial automation or process control is also counted.

Last but not the least; the candidate should possess a pleasant attitude and outgoing personality with the company’s goal in mind.

If you are looking for a recruitment specialist in process control automation jobs, you can certainly contact Redline and get all the desired information.


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    • profile image

      satish kumar 2 years ago

      Dear sir/madam,

      I am for looking job in automation field, what qualifications&skills should I have. ........recently I have completed certified industrial robotic engineer course also is it useful me....

    • profile image

      Ayush 3 years ago

      can i get updates about Automation in my mail ???

    • profile image

      Sreejith 3 years ago

      Does scripting play a vital role in the job of an industrial automation engineer,in designing scada?

      Should i be studying Visual basic & python ?

      What are the current skills companies look for in an automation enginner/.