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The Mind is the Cause and the World is the Effect!

Updated on June 8, 2020

Whatever thoughts our mind creates shape not only our lives but also the world. We can find the life of our dreams by observing and disciplining our thoughts. Good thoughts lead to a good attitude and a good attitude leads to good and effective action. All the events and inventions that have shaped this world were, at some point, mere thoughts in someone’s mind. What starts as just a thought in a single person’s mind can change the course of history forever.

Think about the atomic bomb, think about cellular communication and think about the Floyd Romesberg experiment which he led for 15 years in the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California where his team has genetically engineered a bacterium cell which will be able to store increased genetic information. For billions of years the history of life on this planet has been written by just four letters A,T, C, G which are the four ‘bases’ that make up the DNA structure.

The letters A, T, C and G stand for Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine, Now, Team Rosemberg has been able to add two more nucleotide bases to the new DNA. The history of life as we know it has been changed forever.

Napoleon once said, ’Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the body can achieve.’ The big idea is that the human mind is that most extraordinary gift that has infinite power to change virtually anything. What we know as a fact today might become just an antique idea tomorrow. Our minds are changing the world every single day. For the good or for the worse depends on the choices we make.

Do you believe that the mind can affect the world in many ways.

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By using the mind to the optimum we can achieve extraordinary goals in life. Insurmountable problems can be solved. Success can be achieved in life. We can give form to our dreams and live a life of excellence. We can achieve mastery in various skills to the point of genius. We can grow intellectually and have a meaningful existence. Gautam Budhha said, ‘Our life is the creation of our mind, as we think, so we live.’

Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski is an American professional powerlifter and competitive body builder and currently holds the world record for lifting a combined (squat, bench press, and dead lift) weight of 2,551 lbs. He achieved this record after recovering from a grueling and torturous bout of testicular cancer. He once said ‘I believe strongly in the power of the mind and the force of will in the face of adversity.’

As a kid Matthew did not have the genetics to become a powerlifter, he was a lean kid. But by tapping into the limitless power of the mind and by properly channelizing his boundless passion for the sport, he slowly but surely paved his way to become a world record holder. He used the powers of his mind to achieve a rewarding future.


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