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Mobile Marketing - The Sooner You Know The Better

Updated on April 2, 2014

A great boon to both large and small businesses

Mobile marketing is a form of direct marketing via mobile devices that can connect to the Internet. It is the very popular and one of the most powerful advertising mediums due to its very personal nature. It can be a great boon to both large and small businesses, but you must learn to use it effectively.

Why is Mobile Marketing so Special?

As more and more people get mobile devices, and at last count approximately six billion people all over the world have or have access to a mobile device, mobile marketing is going to just keep getting bigger and stronger. People are very attached to their phones and other mobile devices and rarely go anywhere without them and it’s estimated that 80 percent of smart phone owners are never without it.

Mobile Marketing is faster than other forms of advertising. People tend to actually read the texts they get on their phones, and are less likely to avoid them or delete them like they do email. If a message is timed properly, a business can immediately snag a new customer by sending them a coupon for a restaurant around lunchtime, or by sending them an advertisement about a hotel right around the time people go on spring break or a holiday vacation.

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Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing makes it easier to get interaction into your message to your customers and potential customers. You can form these mobile messages so that all your customer needs to do is click a link on their phones or point their smart phones to a handy QR code on your packaging while they eat their breakfast in the morning. It hits the customer where they live, work or play and you can’t say that about every type of advertising campaign. That makes mobile marketing special.

However, you do have to learn how to better use mobile marketing strategies. For instance, you have less space since the screen on a smart phone is so small. You have to make sure to get that valuable message across in a short and sweet fashion and hit the important factors. If you don’t get their attention, then you may not get that all important sale. However, if you do it right, then studies say that more than 70 percent of all mobile searches turn into a sale or other action in less than an hour! This is much quicker than old-fashioned print, broadcast or even online media efforts.

Mobile marketing is good for local businesses

With apps like Fourscore and other check-in apps, local businesses are racking in the profits by mobile users. There are several types of apps, as well as other things like getting listed on the local sections of Google and the other search engines. So if you aren’t on these directories, you had better do it now or risk losing patrons.

Google reports that more than 95 percent of people with smart phones use them to look up local businesses and then nearly 88 percent of them go there to take some sort of action, possibly even a sale. Customers can merely text their zip code to a specific code for a retailer and obtain a text showing all of their nearest locations.

Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Customers Stay Loyal

All effective mobile marketing campaigns must be directed to a specific target audience. Once you do that, they normally stay loyal customers, especially if you do things like enter them into fun contests when they opt-in with their information, and then you can use that data to send them future data on sales, give them exclusive content and discounts, and other customer loyalty type of things.

Mobile marketing invites feedback from customers, and this can work to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you treat your clients. Therefore, always remember that you have to give those targeted customers good customer service. Be sure to answer questions, give help, etc. You can lead them to things like your social media sites to provide feedback, or even to other venues like a blog or website.

High Quality Mobile Marketing Tricks

When it comes to mobile marketing, businesses need the right sort of tools in order to become successful and benefit from this relatively new and exciting form of marketing. Here are some of the best high quality mobile marketing tricks for businesses to help them to succeed using this sort of campaign:

High quality mobile marketing tricks

  • Give your customers the information they need to find your business
  • Use quizzes or other interactive media to interact with customers
  • Don’t send unnecessary messages to customers
  • Always make customers number one
  • Make all mobile websites compatible with mobile devices
  • Place mobile capable maps onto your sites
  • Offer discounts or coupons
  • Make it easy for customers to both opt-in and opt-out

Give your customers the information they need to find your business

It’s no good to have a business that no one knows anything about. Therefore, business owners must share all of the relevant data on their company in as many ways as possible. This means using social media such as FourSquare check-in so that your customers and potential customers can use location based apps to find your business easier.

Use quizzes or other interactive media to interact with customers

Another way to get the attention of potential and current customers is by giving them things to interact with such as quizzes, fun contests, surveys or other similar things. People like these sorts of things because they are fun and entertaining and don’t even realize they are learning things about the company sending them out. They can generate good customer feedback and at the same time give businesses valuable information on their customers’ likes and dislikes. Plus it puts the business in the spotlight and helps to build brand awareness.

Don’t send unnecessary messages to customers

Never bore your clients with unneeded texts. They want to see relevant and up-to-date content or fun things they can interact with like games or contests. If you start sending out worthless content, you will lose customers, not gain new ones.

Always make customers number one

All mobile marketing adverts must be based on the things your targeted audience would want to see and that meets their needs. You must learn your customers’ needs in order to retain them, so get as much information as possible about your potential clients and you will be much more successful selling your products and services.

Make all mobile websites compatible with mobile devices

It’s great to have a mobile website since nearly everyone has a smartphone and uses it to access the Internet for many thing from messages to finding stores, getting coupons, and learning about businesses and their products. However, if you don’t optimize your mobile site so that it can be seen and navigated easily by mobile users, then they will be worthless to your bottom line. Smart phones have small screens, for instance, so you need to redesign your websites when you move them to a mobile platform so they can be easily read on those sized screens.

Place mobile capable maps onto your sites

It also helps businesses gain customers when they put maps onto their sites that are usable by potential customers trying to find their stores. Plus, you can place QR codes onto posters or product packaging to do the same thing. This especially helps when a potential customer is seeking the nearest business that meets their current needs.

Offer discounts or coupons

A fantastic way to get the attention of new and current customers is by offering a coupon or some sort of discount to entice them to try your business. For instance, place an ad on your packaging that says for them to go to a particular mobile site or click onto a QR code and get a $5 or $10 code to use on your mobile site or to show a coupon at the counter when they go to your physical store location. It works to promote customer loyalty because you can get them to opt-in and sign up for more discounts or special messages with other relevant information.

Make it easy for customers to both opt-in and opt-out

While all marketers want to gain a list of potential customers, it doesn’t do anything but annoy people and cause bad PR for your business if you make it hard for people to also opt-out of your messages. So, be sure to make it simple for your customers to either opt-in or opt-out to gain good karma for your company.

All in all, mobile marketing can be a very profitable advertising campaign for all businesses small or large. Just be sure to incorporate some of these tricks into your mobile marketing strategy.

Learning Mobile Marketing

If you ever thought about learning "Mobile Marketing", then click below and get your free information instantly.
If you ever thought about learning "Mobile Marketing", then click below and get your free information instantly. | Source

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