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On energy innovation and big companies

Updated on June 25, 2015

General trends in energy show a decrease of energy and heath consumption in the west. The trend is not so significant in numbers as it seem to be structured and, somebody would say, inesorabile. Despite continuos rising of India and China consumption, U.S. suppliers must look abroad; worldwide demand from 2012 to 2030 will pass from 13.360 to 16.720 millions of Toes, rising every year at 1,3%. Nuclear power, implantable anywhere, is now no more on top of sources. Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters on public opinion side, Italian referendums in the legal side obstructing its future and creating a trend even Switzerland seems want too follow. Hydrocarbon sources will be ended in a limited time - line; In the future developing countries will need energy, most from fossils fuels as it is less expensive and presents many advantages. Hoping this advancement to be done before decarbonising the economy in this century. Solution has to be found in green energy, that is still 13% of worldwide energy produced, compared to 80% of energy coming from fossils.

Opec fossil fuels suppliers meeting


Involving big funds need, energy companies are or derive from state owned companies. British Gas derives from Centrica, privatised in 1986. Italian Eni derives from a national company that has exactly the same name, while the state still has the biggest share of Enel. Russian Gazprom too derives from a state owned enterprise.

Four of biggest energy company ; revenues in billions of Euros


In this context, some smaller companies operate in green energy field, often starting form delivering local services as garbage assemblage and stockage; than managing dumpsites and smaller energy sites. In this case, profit seems to be minor, property and boards are still public nowadays. (Ex. Italian Sienambiente)

Bulldozers working on dump site



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