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The reasons behind people want to work in alone or in the group in a job or in a project

Updated on March 15, 2015

On job applications, they want you to work as a team but there are many reasons why people want to work alone and do not want to work in the team. Organisations are always looking for those who work well in team settings.

People who are shy tend to work alone. They feel more pressure to perform well in the group. Some people are anti social so they like to work alone. With a group you can bounce ideas with others and have real time critics to tell you good or bad.

If you are working with others in a group, they support you or motivate you. When you are working alone, you just work at your pace and tend to slow down and the drive starts to slug down to an attitude of "why bother". It is healthier to work with a group of people that you have gained a bit of trust in and about. You are just not there for a job or a paycheck, but also to form a relationship to these people.

In a group you can all hear each others opinions. Some people love groups because the more people, the less amount of work you have to do. In groups you easily get distracted. You tend to get done more than in a group. Some people's concentration is greater alone than in a group.

Group projects are sometimes devil because one has to do the work all the time and others do not send their work until deadline and still expect the other person to make it into something coherent on the next day. Persons who are 'people pleaser' and perfectionist end up getting taken advantage of in a group.

If you work alone you have to complete a bulk of work. Some people who have encountered with bullies in the work place wants to work alone because they cannot trust other people and it make them nervous and uncomfortable when made to work or talk with other people.

It is nice on those occasion when you are working with a group and everyone really cares about what they are doing and everyone works equally hard. Groups are fun when everyone in the group pulled their weight and did their job. Some people work faster when they are left alone with their thoughts and ideas.

Some people have bad experiences in the group with having to do the work for a lazy and un co-operative group. These people generally have bad ill feelings towards the group work. If he or she has done the work and get credit for it, the rest of the group got credited for that work without doing anything. You can teach things to yourself while working alone.

Some people get distracted while working in a group and they talk with their co-workers which is why they finish their work. It is stressful to work in a group if people do not stand someone in the office and you have to be there 40 hours with that person you do not like. Most people enjoy working alone due to their personal preferences and ways of completing tasks.

People like to work in the group because everyone can pour in their ideas. Being able to work with others can help you reach your heights. Working in a group is a pleasure if you work with people you get along. Working in a group help to get the creativity flowing. Some people work alone because they want everything in their way and the easiest way and the easiest to get in their way is not to have anyone to argue with.

Working in a group is better during brainstorming and when you have more than one task to be completed. You can enjoy working in a group of ideas bounce from one another. If you are group members are almost clueless always on what to do or do not divide the work evenly then it is difficult to work in a group.

A group effort always brings out the best of the result in the quickest of times and helping all the team members and there after reaches many others through each team members. The style of the group which will refine your ideas and will look like everyone is coming with something to get you involved, do collective effort, discuss research and promotes 'we' meeting.

We need to work together and share in decision make if we are to solve our polarized views. The high number of people who work best alone may be a negative thing in the long run. Some people work alone because they have a good feeling when they accomplish something on their own and get it right the first time.

In a group, the most competent person ends up doing all the work and have to cover from others. Group projects sometimes punish the competent and rewards the lazy people, they should be put together in one group as they will spend most of their time arguing what to do and end up during the work.

Groups help people understand and pull the weak persons up. Group work increase your synchronization power and efficiency. Groups are all night when everyone co-operates and does not try to be impressive hotshots. Working in a group makes you learn co-operation and negotiation.

The group work only works when all parties involved truly have the same goal. It is great to brainstorm in the group and build ideas off of one another when starting something new.. In the end the feedback is helpful and also another set of eyes are helpful to correct the stuff who have missed,

Group works is best when the team is responsible , hard working and trustworthy. Group works help in getting different ideas and perspective of a particular work. Working in a group allow few errors and quicker response time and if chance you miss something it can be pointed out or picked up.


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