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The stress of looking for a stay at home job that pays!

Updated on September 5, 2015

The stress of looking for a stay at home job!

First of all I'd like to start this article by stating that working from home should not feel like a chore you have to do just like going to a job every day shouldn't be one either. If anyone wants to work from home, the first thing they need to think about is what they are good at.

After you have figured out what you are good at then you need to either find resources through the internet to help you make money or if you have a lot of money to invest then you can easily start your own business these days. If you decide on starting a business then you need to have a lot of creativity to start.

I unfortunately, have no money, but I love to write and that is why I've been writing blogs for the past week, but unfortunately I have had little luck as I haven't made a single penny. I don't know how much I need to write in order to start making anything at all but I need to admit it is very frustrating. I realized too that if I were to write a book, which would consist of hundreds of pages and try to be a bestseller then I would also have to be patient and wait it out until the finished product is ready, printed and sold. So here I am, still typing away. However, don't get me wrong! I am writing also as a hobby because I just simply enjoy it because if I turned towards patience, my patience would've been long gone. I'm still hopeful that this will pay off but I am not looking for the get rich quick scheme because I just don't believe in it anymore. I am certainly giving up believing in some if not most of those companies that promise you big profits but in exchange you have to pay them a fortune to start the business. Also, for me a fortune is anything more than $100. Then there is the pyramid-like networking involved with some of those. I don't have more than one or two friends so how can anyone convince a loner like me to waste my money? They are crazy. Then we've got the companies that have simply a pay to click system. Well to be honest I haven't tried that venue yet but again it seems like that too is only guaranteed if you put money down and it can be expensive too. Then lastly you've got those long lasting surveys that take forever to complete. I just signed up for one of them. I was exhausted. Almost every survey asks the same questions and in return I'm getting paid pennies. I have to reach a goal before I can cash it. Get real!

Basically If I'm to do any stay at home business, whether paid to use or not, if I'm getting no enjoyment in doing it then I'm not going to sacrifice my time when there are many job opportunities out there that do pay well, and with proper education anyone can enjoy! For now, this is my idea. I will keep posted if I find a website that actually earns me money, and I mean good money and that I believe can benefit people that are stuck without a job right now like me. Until then, my advice is to not waste time with stay at home businesses unless you have money to invest, patience and creativity, a love for what you are doing and please watch out for scams. Those are everywhere now too. Thanks.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I make my living by sending products to Amazon. It is a great way to make money.