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The value of lead magnets when working from home

Updated on August 17, 2016

To begin with, what is a lead?

A lead is a person that has showed interest in some regard in your business. or someone that you think would be interested in your business in the future. It could be someone you have chatted with or talked to over the phone or in real life so to speak. A lead is also someone who have signed up for your newsletter.

What is a lead magnet?

Definition of a lead magnet

A lead magnet is something you offer for free that your subscribers will receive when they have filled in a opt in form for your autoresponder campaign. By the word itself "lead magnet" you can almost tell what it is. What a lead magnet imeans, is a free gift. This free gift is a very effective and smart way to build your list. To not use a lead magnet is to make your list building efforts much more difficult. The lead magnet can be a free ebook, an audio recording or simply a free training delivered by you. Through your lead magnet you need to be sharing a lot of value to position yourself as an expert and as a leader in your niche. By sharing a lot of value in your lead magnet you will also build the level of trust that your new subscribers will have for you. Building the trust, getting people to like you as well as your leads getting to know you,is very important when it comes to to becoming successful as a online marketer.

Where to put your opt in form

Capture pages and blogs

Capture pages is very valuable end effective when it coms es to collecting/ generating leads to your business. The quality of your capture page will decide how well your capture page will convert your visitors into subscribers. However from my experience, using capture pages is the way to go when you want to build your list. Do you have a blog? You should have one anyway. Do not forget to add a capture form for a free newsletter at your blog to help you build your list further. Otherwise you could lose out on plenty of leads. Through your blog posts motivate your readers to subscribe to your free newsletter by offering your lead magnet, your free gift.

Taking it to the next level

Building your list rapidly

Altjough you are able to build your list of subscribers using free methods,to build your list rapidly my advice would be that you invest in paid advertising like solo ads. A solo ad is a person that for a fee will send your offer to his or hers list of subscribers. depending on the quality of the vendors traffic and list, the sign up rate to your own list may vary. However using solo ads is a proven effective way to build your list fast. So if you are able to spend some money on your list building to make the most of your lead magnet, then I advice you to consider paid options of doing so.

Grab your ebooks...

PLR Rights


PLR means private label rights. if you get the private label rights for a ebook you are permitted to give it away or sell it.

If you do not own a ebook to give away to your subscribers, then at different websites you can acess ebooks with PLR rights. Some of those ebooks comes with a fee,and some of them you can acess for free.

Are you building your list?

Are you building your list of subscribers?

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Free or paid

Take advantage of the benefits with lead magnets

Why use one?

It is not the difficult to get your hands on something that you can give away for free. If you do not know how to create it yourself, then get a free ebook with plr rights or even buy one. Because it is so worth it. There are a lot of competition among online marketers so that is why it is really important to stand out. Using a free gift is very valuable because people usually loves to get free stuff. It would be a mistake not to use a lead magnet to get more subscribers to your list.

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