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There Is No Such Thing As Free Website Advertising

Updated on January 1, 2013

No Free Website Advertising???

What do I mean no free website advertising? Well first off let me just say that I know there are programs out there that allow you to advertise your website for no money. What is more valuable than money? Time, time is what each and everyone of us trade in one form or another for money.

If you are using website advertising techniques that require no money than you are actually losing value, because you are trading your most valuable asset.

Running a business is about having the right mindset, Thorough planning, organization, and time management. When these four things are done properly with any business, that business will be successful.

Use your time wisely and you can make yourself rich, waist it and you will have nothing. Each and everyone of us trade our time for money everyday, and this is called business. Now if you find a way to do multiple things at once then you are making more money trading less time, and I call this running a business. With that in mind, If you are searching for free advertising than you are searching for the wrong thing.

Anyone who is to be successful at running a business online or off must get it in their mind that thier time is much more valuable than money.

Free Website Advertising

Free website advertsing
Free website advertsing

Thanks for reading, I hope I have helped you! Send me your questions anytime

Your business will fail

I'm not saying that every single business owner who is searching for free website advertising will go under. I am however saying that it will fail to meet its potential. There are all kinds of methods of website promotion on the web that do not cost any money, but they do cost you. What do they cost you? Your most valuable asset, time!

So am I saying not to use these methods of website promotion? Of-course not, everyone has to start somewhere. What I am saying is to set back and make a good business plan that allows you to profit in more ways than one, and stick to it. Make a realistic projection of sales, and what you will be doing, and when you will be doing it. Do this for the entire month, week, day. This will allow you to forecast profit, which will allow you to make a realistic website advertising budget. Compare how much time it takes to promote your product on a free site, to how much it costs you to promote products with a paid service, find which one holds more value and make a business plan that you can stick to.




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    • profile image

      Richard Brown 9 years ago

      Absolutely agree..many people forget that time is money...

    • knslms profile image

      knslms 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for commenting. It's actually more productive to do so than what cutting corners and the things we commonly do thinking that its saving us time.

    • profile image

      gwyn estember 9 years ago

      yeah i agree with you. in any business, time is valuable. every important thing in your business should be given time. You need time to think, realize, to concentrate, to work, etc.