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Think Piece Productions: A Business Review

Updated on June 20, 2013

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About Think Piece Productions

Think Piece Productions is a video production company which is local to Western Washington. The members of Think Piece Productions, Toby Tackett and Anthony Irby, are from Mt. Vernon, between Vancouver B.C. and Seattle. This optimum location has allowed them closer access to cities such as Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham and Vancouver, B.C., while still being able to keep to a lower-end pricing scale.

This hasn't stopped them from being able to work with successful artists such as Desillusion, a band with ties to My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, VNV Nation, and Nine Inch Nails, or In the Between, A Lien Nation, and many other popular west coast bands. Together, Think Piece Productions and Desillusion have completed their second concept music video which is in the process of being edited for completion.

Having only been officially in business since the fist day of 2012, Think Piece Productions has been a part of four major projects, the two concept music videos as mentioned before as well as the the documentary There and Begin Again: Discovering the 2012 Truth From Egypt (which sadly was cancelled due to war in the Middle East), and a documentary about the Northwest's first Worthy Harvest Fest/Northwest Cannabis Cup: Worthy Chronicles: Harvest Fest 2012.

Tackett has worked on other ventures independent of Think Piece Productions such was the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, 2011 and 2012 Melt Down in Darrington, Washington, as well as had a permanent fixture at a venue in Portland working with Bridge City Productions.

Think Piece Productions includes in their services directing, filming, editing, screenplay writing, concept creation, and so on.

Preview to the Worthy Chronicas, a feature length documentary by Think Piece Productions


Official Video 2013: Welcome To No One - In the Between

The Nitty Gritty

Think Piece Productions is a youthful company, only just completing their first year in actual business. So far they have accomplished a lot. They have gotten their name out everywhere between Tacoma and Bellingham, and have approached to film and produce documentaries about local festivals by the festival throwers. Think Piece Productions offers more than three camera angles, of which a video piece will be produced in 1080 HD. they were kind enough to take me into their editing room to see just how it is all done. It was astounding to me. To see just some of their raw footage - the images on the screen looked realer than the computer I was viewing it on.

The quality of video has never been a question, for it is always clear and creative, ensuring that those who hire them get what they are after and in a tasteful and affordable manner. Many bands will hire Think Piece Productions for one show in a bar, not knowing what to expect, but are pleased with the results. Many bands have passed the Think Piece name along to others who have hired this crew for filming while on tour.

Their website, which has sprung up in the last couple of months is clean and to the point, and easy to navigate through, while still supplying information and an archive so that fans of potential new clients may see their work.

With the speed this local production company has grown, I have no doubt that they will do well in the years to come. They are friendly, personable, professional, and willing to work within their clients' budgets and make whatever masterpiece they may have in mind into a Think Piece.

Desillusion - "Mara" Directed by Think Piece Productions


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