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This 8 Tips to Help You Become a Successful Blogger.

Updated on May 7, 2020

Today I want to cover one of the most important topics related to working online that a lot of bloggers and even some internet marketers don’t pay enough attention, I am talking about how to get things done in order to get the results we want.

I don’t know what your expertise is, but I love SEO, that is my passion because I think it is really challenging and being honest, I love being challenged. But one of the things I always struggled with was executing some defined strategies.

I knew what to do but sometimes I just postponed some essential tasks to make my targeted keywords rank on Google. And when that happens, it is not possible to achieve the desired outcome.

After a while I learned some techniques to avoid procrastination and that helped me a lot to get better results in my online business. With that said, I believe I am ready to share some tips on how to get things done and improve your productivity as a blogger or business owner. Here we go!

Start defining your outcome.

You need to understand the purpose of your goal. This can be even more important when you are delegating tasks, but when you are a solopreneur you must find a way to motivate yourself to do the required steps and by understanding why you are doing something, it is a lot easier to get things done!

Establishing Deliverables.

Deliverables can be anything required to achieve the end result of a process. And literally it can be anything: a product, software, a task and so on. It is every little thing that is necessary to achieve that final outcome! You can also analyze this as small tasks, secondary elements. You start by envisioning the big picture and then you just pinpoint what it is required to complete the project.

Defining Priorities:

This is where you define among all the small tasks which of them are critical. Once you do this you will know that until you don’t finish all those critical parts your project will not be completed. This is critical when learning how to get things done and when I say critical parts it can be something like security of your website when you are selling something, or it can be something like a squeeze page when your goal is capturing emails.


I love this because it is one of the most amazing things I know how to implement when working online. Let me explain you how this works. When you need to do something, try to figure out who does that required task with excellence and then start imagining how you can apply this example considering your own scenario. What you need to learn about modeling is not to be intimidated by big names or big companies, it is obvious that sometimes you will not be able to apply some models but when you cannot replicate them you must know how to adapt to your situation. That is the key point.


Who is going to do the actual work? If you don’t know the answer you will not know how to get things done. And once again, if you run your online business without staff, you probably will be responsible for each task, but even with no staff you can still delegate tasks you don’t like to some free lancer services such as Odesk, Elance or Fiverr. However, when you have a team, real or virtual, you need to define who is going to do every required task.

Dead line:

You have to have an expectation of time… how long it is going take! Being honest, creating a time table was something that took me a long time to implement. But here is something that you have to know, you need to be realistic. When it comes to how to get things done, I know it is easy to think that every little thing can be done automatically but it helps a lot when you start measuring the time when you are actually working. And there are two points about setting a non realistic time table: if you establish a time table that is too short, you can feel frustrated when you cannot finish the tasks at the expected time, and when you establish a time table that is too long, you give yourself the excuse to procrastinate.

What is next:

What is going to happen after the project is done? It’s like that question… and now what? You work hard on giving life and blood to your enterprise and you did it. You accomplished it! However there will be still some things to be done after you have finished to whole project. And it’s good to know those steps in advance because it can make you move forward with ease. It’s like an extra energy to build that momentum to keep everything under control.

Analyze Results:

This makes all the difference. You have to define how to track the performance and effectiveness of your project. It can be simple as using Google Analytics to measure how much traffic you received after you have finished your project, or if on a different project, measuring effectiveness can represent the revenue that your project brought to your business. This is vital to optimize your strategy in order to give you better results the next time you need to go through the same project again.

That is it! I’ve been applying most of these 8 fundamentals to my own projects, especially when it comes to link building where there are so many strategies to be used and if you don’t plan what you are doing, you end up doing nothing which is unfortunately what most people tend to do.

But don’t be one of them, be different, define your outcome, create a timetable and take action.

Thanks everyone. If you like this post about how to get things done, tweet it, like it and share it!


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