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This was Just a Test, and the Results were Amazing - Blows the lid off online Content Providers and their Writers!

Updated on February 28, 2015

We found Writing Prospects for Fresh and Unique Content

Through a series of simple tests we found the motherlode of content writers waiting to be discovered.
Through a series of simple tests we found the motherlode of content writers waiting to be discovered. | Source

Content Providers have gotten a Bad Rap from a few Bad Apples

While I didn’t start out to blow the lid off the world of content marketing, as those that know me, know that when I see an issue, I will expose it. Well folks, I have seen an issue and I am revealing it Right here, Right now for the world to read in this article.

As I began this journey through the world of content marketing, I started at a time before it even had a name “content marketing”. I started with a small online business; selling my extraordinary garage sale finds on a fledging startup called EBay, the year was 1995. Products having pictures of the items that you had for sale wasn’t as prevalent as it is on today’s EBay and other online stores.

The description had to paint the picture for your customer. Imagine that, the words that were written had to paint a picture of the product in the customer’s mind’s-eye. Every word written about the product had to speak directly to describing it, its purpose and functionality along with its condition.

Thus, small business owners saw making every word written another product in inventory. If the description made the products fly out the door of your home start-up business, you held onto that set of words that landed you customers.

This was the beginning of the world of content marketing that we know today. Just as EBay went through growing pains in the beginning with unscrupulous cons trying to sell bogus products, the world of content providers has now become the new fledging startups that must deal with those same types of growing pains. As a result, I believe that some content providers have gotten a bad rap, created by a few bad apples that are in the barrel of content writers out there.

Test Began on January 7, 2015

As I told you I have been in some sort of online training or business since 1995, and have been able to connect a few dots, and have created an amazing picture. This picture is of the world of content providers. More specifically, a few writers that provide content through various networks.

I started this training on January 7, 2015, simply as a way to earn a little extra money from home. I began by writing an article for a business owner on the purpose and effectiveness of refrigerator notepad magnets. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that someone would put me on their ‘favorite writer’ list from what I wrote. However, this was the beginning of my eyes being opened up to the world on content marketing from inside the process. One eye opened as an online business owner, the other eye as a freelance content provider.

As I continued writing, more and more clients added me to their favorite writer lists. A few clients actually began providing monetary tips on top of what they agreed to pay, which is a real boost to the confidence level of any writer. Then my entrepreneurial side began to notice something. The more accolades that I received caused a deep concern within me.

Knowing that I am not a great writer, I may be average, however I don’t consider myself to be a good or even a great writer. I wondered what the quality of writers on a couple of content providers that I write for really was. I had the perfect testing ground, the content providers that I currently write for. However now, I was playing the role of a content requester on one website and a content writer on another.

Content marketing is painting a picture in the customer's minds-eye

We discovered a hidden pool of content writers that can paint a picture with their words and feeds fresh content to websites around the globe.
We discovered a hidden pool of content writers that can paint a picture with their words and feeds fresh content to websites around the globe. | Source

Test One: Requested a review of a book I had recently written

I included some specific instructions as allowed by the content provider’s website. Simple assignment one would think, however it resulted in some eye opening findings.

  • Instructions were NOT followed at all. After 3 different writers attempted my project and I had to reject the first two for either blatantly plagiarizing or what I call crappy copy.
  • The third writer of my project produced a poorly written broken English review, didn’t follow the instruction exactly, but gave it the old school try. I smiled at the attempt to translate into (US) English. However there was real emotion and thought to what was written, I provided an excellent rating for the message of the book reaching a heartfelt review
  • I then went on writing assignments for others and tried to put the shocking result out of my mind.

Test Two: I got into a bind with scheduling my writing assignments and had zero clues how to begin this simple article on providing janitorial services

It was official; I had writers block, and a deadline looming since I was already past my 30-minute drop window with the content provider. Posted the project instructions to be presented only to 2-star writers and above and I did not have to wait long for the results to come in once again.

  • First article I received from writer number one was a slap across the face with their flagrantly plagiarized submission. The first sentence flew through Copyscape protections because only ONE was changed!!! Not only that, but the writer was even so bold as to even use the question mark at the end of that same sentence that they plagiarized. Needless to say I rejected that article, with a very poor rating and lots of feedback.
  • Now understand that when you reject an article, you are never charged with paying for it. It simply goes back into the cue of projects that are available to writers and the process starts all over again.
  • Frustrated and fuming, the second writers attempt at this somewhat simple assignment comes in. Running out of time for me to turn my project in, I accepted an article that provided the bones for the article that my customer had requested.
  • I had to give what I consider a poor 3 out of a 5 star rating, because they didn’t follow the instruction provided. Neither was the article informative or interesting, but it did give me the kick in the keys that I need to get past my writers block, type out the article myself and make my deadline. (Note: I only received a 3-star rating from my client for what I wrote and submitted. Not my best work.)

Third and Final Test:

Once again, I found myself in a jam with deadlines for my cue of articles that I needed to write, and decided to try it again. Have another writer write my article that I needed. I did things a bit different with this project request however. The first thing that I changed was that I wrote out my own set of instructions with an extra space between the sentences, and allowed ALL star levels be allowed to claim my project. The previous tests projects had been only open for 2 star level rated writers and above to claim. This time, I wanted to find the hungry writers in the writer’s pool and went looking for the beginners.

  • As in the other two tests, the first writer was rejected for not being able to write an article that made sense, for not being able to follow clearly and concisely written instructions and typographical errors that were throughout their submission.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we found a hungry writer just starting out, they had written less than 40 articles for this particular online content provider, and they were willing to submit an extremely high quality article complete with fully researched and informative content with minor typos.

New Writers are waiting to swim in the big pool of writers


Results and Discoveries

The three impromptu tests that I ran yielded some very eye opening information for those interested in the world of content marketing. It allowed me a unique perspective of being a writer and a requester for a couple of different online content providers. Through the process of these three tests, gave me the following results.

  • It really isn’t the individual online content providers that enlist writers to provide content to their clients that should be blamed; it is the writers in the writer’s pool and the requesters that are to blame for poor content.
  • Just has EBay was in its infancy; over run with schemers and scammers in the beginning, so too is the world of content providers and the industry of content marketing are going through these same type of schemers and scammers.

Bottom line is that businesses needing fresh, uniquely written content for any online presence or e-commerce site need to:

  1. Write clear and concisely written instructions according to the content provider’s website.
  2. Don’t request the most experienced writer for your projects. Beginner star ratings for writers usually results in the hungriest writers willing to go above and beyond your expectations. Be sure to give them a monetary tip to show that you noticed their special effort.

Bottom line for writers willing to start at the bottom and write your way up:

  1. Online content providers are the safest and easiest ways to begin earning a supplemental stream of income.
  2. Honest writers willing to go above and beyond their customers’ expectations by providing unique quality web content and articles for project requesters are rewarded daily!

There you have it, the bad apples have been exposed, and you are now free to request fresh and uniquely written content that your business needs by hiring a freelance writer through the least expensive online content provider, providing quality content each and every day!

As for me, I will continue writing content for various businesses across the globe. Being added to favorite writer’s lists and creating another stream of income for my family. Hoping that I don’t miss-schedule my assignments again, but knowing that there are writers willing to cover my back when I do and they aren’t the ones with the highest star ratings either.

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© 2015 Cammy Walters


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