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Tim Ferriss's Four Hour Work Week

Updated on December 28, 2009

Tim Ferriss


Written by best-selling author Tim Ferriss, The Four Hour Work Week features the sure-fire way of cutting out the everyday 9 to 5 work day and allowing the average worker to pursue their dreams.


As an efficiency expert, Tim Ferriss graduated from Princeton, has traveled the world, learned several languages, become a world record holder in tango dancing and kick boxing and also been able to live a life of luxury... working only 4 hours a week!

This step-by-step guide breaks things down as follows:

  • determining your own position within society
  • defining what you want out of life
  • examining your current business environment
  • demonstrating how to simplify and productively expand on your own ideas
  • managing your own business without the aid of expensive secretaries or employees

The Four Hour Work Week


Comprising the four sections of the book, D.E.A.L. represents Tim's plan for how to get you out of your monotonous everyday struggle, and into your ideal lifestyle.

D is for Definition - This section addresses specifically where you currently are in life, economically, whether or not you feel regret for the business choices you have made to end up where you are at the moment, and whether or not changing your current lifestyle is worth the risk.

E is for Elimination - Here Tim deals with simplification of the workload and how best to remove stress from the everyday grind.

A is for Automation - After defining what you want and eliminating the wasteful processes of work, Ferriss moves to Automation, demonstrating how best to organize a business into a self-propelled machine, only needing someone to step in now and then to make minor adjustments.

L is for Liberation - Finally, Ferriss discusses the fruits of your labor, sharing how best to now spend the remaining a 164 hours of your week.  From skydiving to tango dancing, Tim recommends some great activities to try out.

The NEW and EXPANDED Edition

If you are interested, Tim Ferriss has recently completed his expanded edition of the Four Hour Work Week.  Now is stores, hurry and buy them before they run out!

The Video that Started It All

"How", you might ask, "did you come about Tim Ferriss?"

The answer to this question is now through words, but through a video.  Discovered on an intellectual website, this video demonstrates Tim's fascinating ability to break down skills into simple procedures. 


How to be like the Incredible Hulk


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