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Time Share Job Opportunities In Central Florida

Updated on February 10, 2013

Selling Time Shares in Orlando

Selling timeshares in central Florida is a wonderful way to to earn an extraordinary income. It is not for everyone, but it just might be your niche. Many people that just received their Florida real estate license like selling time shares in Florida. Time Shares are a perfect thing to sell.

Tourists come to Walt Disney World in central Florida. They fall in love with central Florida. Why not? Walt Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. Central Florida has beautiful weather. Most tourists are only here for a week or two.

While they are here, it is natural to go check out one of the many time share resorts that are located near Walt Disney World. For just a few thousand dollars, they can own their vacation instead of renting it. It is a concept that makes sense. They know they will be returning to central Florida.

Many Florida real estate sales associates earn a very nice income showing these time share resorts to tourists. To be successful. these real estate associates do not have to prospect for new customers and clients. The resort does that for the sales associate. These real estate associates do not have to follow up with the tourists that choose not to own. All you have to do to be successful selling time shares is learn a sixty minute presentation. Just master this one presentation. The time share resort will introduce you to two potential customers per day. You make a perfect presentation. If two out of ten say yes, you will make a nice living.

What a pleasant place to work. Your work day consists of strolling around a luxury resort pointing out that sitting around the pool in a bikini sipping on a margarita is fun and Mickey Mouse is just a couple of miles away.

How can you get involved in this lucrative career opportunity? The first thing you have to do is get your Florida real estate license. Here is a link to show you how to do that. If you need anymore information about getting a Florida real estate license, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.

Once you have your Florida real estate license, call any time share resort and tell them that you have a Florida real estate license and you are ready to learn how to build a career in time share sales. Tell them that Ron Climer suggested that you call. Almost all central Florida time share resorts are looking for ambitious sales associates with a Florida real estate license.


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