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Tipping. Is your waiter really worth it? Or are you just obligated to leave a tip!

Updated on February 13, 2015

I demand a tip! Do you deserve a tip?

I have seen so much controversy over this subject lately. From waiters to garbage men, bar tenders to hair stylist. The subject has been covered in the news, on paper and of course on every waiters and waitresses blog page. It seems everyone is entitled to their customers money except for the customer!

Let me start with my opinion on this matter. Good service equals a good tip, just as bad service should not be rewarded. Basically it's like training a dog, good means treat, bad means your face rubbed in feces.

Customer service has hit a all time low in my opinion. Everywhere you go people are rude and act as if they are doing you some favor to accommodate your need for a whopper jr or an iced coffee. Give me a break. You are the one that chose your career path, not me. It is not my fault nor my obligation to support you and your six kids with a generous tip while you messed around with your buddies. Hey you! My drink needs refilling! You want your twenty percent? Then fill my drink, and don't roll your eyes when I ask for silverware. You brought two forks and knives. Hey dumbass there are three of us eating.

I always tip, but I honestly can't remember the last time someone actually deserved nor earned their tip.

My Experience

I have worked all these jobs. From delivery to waiter, cook to busser both in America and abroad. Even as a bus boy I had a good income. So what is all the bitching about? Really. All these post about 20-25% of the bill should be the norm. I'm sorry but did you even give 10% effort when you waited on me? No.

I waited tables for about three years at a small italian restaurant. The majority of the time it was me and a cook working the place while the manager was having some mid morning affair with the Safeway bag boy. That place would get slammed every lunch hour. I would be running around getting orders, making calzones, salads and pizzas, completely overwhelmed from the little help I had, but I still gave every customer great service. If they finished their drink before I could refill it, then hey, it was free. The place was as small as a burger king and I still brought home at least eighty dollars in tips a day. Why? cause I gave good service.

Tip Jars

What about those tip jars. You know the ones. Every over the counter coffee shop, sandwich shop and bakery has one. All of them have some pathetic note taped to them in five year old scotch tape covered in dirt and pocket pubic hair.

The one at the Subway by me states "Subway 401k". Are you kidding me? You're making me a sandwich that according to subway policy should take no longer than 90 seconds to make. It takes you three minutes and you want a tip to compensate for your lack of skill? If you want a tip then make my sandwich look like the picture, not the sloppy disturbed looking piece of crap you just handed me.

Starbucks is even worse. I can not justify spending five bills on a cup of coffee. I would never consider going to their fine establishment for the shear joy of having an overpriced drink. Everybody in there is pretending to read the wall street journal, waiting patiently for another gay male to pick them up. Starbucks may be a queer hang out and may be my friends idea of a good time, but it's not mine. I have a choice when I hang out with my queer friends. Starbucks or the gay bar. I do love free drinks and ego boost at the gay bar but I don't like that funny taste in my mouth when I come to in the morning. Either way. I'm still getting f**k up the a** for a five dollar cup of coffee at starbucks. So on top of that five dollar cup of ten cent coffee you still need a tip? All you are doing is asking what size I want and you really expect a tip for that? Get real. Better yet get a real job

As for tipping doormen, nanny's, maids and other servants I have no idea. Once I start living that posh life I'll write an update, I just hope I don't get caught like Tiger Woods for the "tip" I gave our babysitter!

Funny clip from Resevoir Dogs about tipping. (Warning! it does have some bad language)


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    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      Thank you!

      This whole tipping thing has gotten out of control. I get sick of hearing how difficult it is for servers, how they have the hardest job and so on. They don't. I worked as a dealer at a casino, I can tell you right now, that job is one that deserves and earns every tip it gets. I worked my ass off for my tips and provided the best customer service I could. Hey servers, try standing face to face with your customers for up to 8 hours, if not longer depending on your shift. Then throw in the fact that most often (if you are a good dealer according to casino standards) the players are losing money. Yeah, so tips can sometimes be like getting blood from a stone in that line of work, but I managed because I connected with my customers. And dealers are not paid as much as you'd think, the most I made was $9.80 an hour, the minimum wage here is $8.

      I also think that the people working on the floor of department stores (not the cashiers) should be tipped if servers are, especially if they're running all over hell and back to find you things. I did that job, trust me, it's a lot more running around than people think.

      Again, great post! Sorry about the rant. It's a hot button issue and I'm a verbose girl.

    • SXP profile image

      SXP 7 years ago from South Africa

      These days, I wonder about that often in my country South Africa. People seem to only want money, but not offer good service. Luckiily, we can boycott should placesand people.