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Tips On How To Cultivate the Right Office Etiquette

Updated on April 6, 2011

Cultivating The Right Office Etiquette

According to Nicole Williams in her book 'Wildly Sophisticated', wildly suggests risk, energy, boldness, vivacity, self promotion and fearless while sophisticated incorporates refinement, simplicity, commitment, elegance and respect. All these put together, being wildly sophisticated is a way of being - an attitude with which to take on the world.

The word etiquette is of French origin meaning 'the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life. Its also known as the rule for social behavior.

Etiquette is demonstrated in all spheres of our lives like office, business, phone email, toilet, employer, it, you find it!

The question is how well do we conform with these etiquettes? In this series, let's lok at Office Etiquette.

Office etiquette is about communicating with colleagues in a professional and formal environment, conducting yourself respectfully and courteously. However, it is not out of place today to find rude and uncourteous attitude within the office environment, some bosses talk down on their surbodinate while some junior employees simply demonstrate lack of attitude.

Here are some rules guiding office etiquette.

  • Always act with honesty and dignity.
  • Pay attention to your appearance.
  • Do not expose midriff to display tattoos and body piercing or cleavages - you may be sending the wrong signal.
  • Do not cough or sneeze in anyone's direction.
  • Be respectful and courteous at all times and with everybody.
  • Treat others with respect (junior staff inclusive). It is reciprocal.
  • Keep your interruptions of others to a minimum and always apologize for intrusion.
  • Show appreciation for the slightest courtesies extended to you.
  • Be helpful and co-operative with eachother.
  • Speak clearly without shouting.
  • Make 'Please', 'Thank you', 'You're welcome', as part of your everyday courtesy.
  • Be discreet and compassionate in your criticism of a co-worker.
  • Avoid office trading habit.
  • Avoid raw sexy comments about a co-worker's dress or appearance.
  • Take responsibilities for your mistakes.
  • The boss always get the benefit of the doubt, don't argue but discuss issues.
  • Keep your work area tidy.
  • Always ensure not to be late for meetings.
  • Do not dominate meetings, give others a chance to contribute.
  • Do not leave the meeting until declared closed.
  • Practice good hygiene. Save make up for the rest room
  • Use perfume sparingly. Do not hurt others sense of smell.

Remember, as you build and manage your career, you need to know there is no single formula for success, no definitive path, instead it is your attitude - your willingness to learn, to experience, to enjoy the process - that ultimately leads to achievement.....Are you wildly sophisticated?


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