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Tips On How To Write A Sales Letter

Updated on August 4, 2010

Tips On How To Write A Sales Letter

 Writing a proper sales letter is more important than most people realize and there are certain stages of writing a sales letter that must be followed.  This is a form of direct mail that is sent to potential customers so if you want your business to do well you need to be forward and effective with the letter.  For anyone who needs to know how to write a sales letter, there are a few tips in particular that are worth keeping in mind.  The first is to work on the headline of the letter.

 The headline should be centered at the top of the first page and this is what readers will see first.  It should therefore be short but sweet, to the point but captivating.  You want it to grab reader’s attention more than anything even if it has nothing to do with the business itself.  To start off the letter there are many routes you could take.

 For the body of the letter which is really the meat of the letter, although you do have a few pages to work with it is important to make every single sentence count.  This really depends on the type of business you run and also what you are looking to get through to these potential customers.  When it comes to writing the body of your letter, this is the main part so use it to get your point across.  This space should be used to offer different information on the business, products or services offered and even how it came about and what it means to you.

 The point should not be to use it to offer a string of advertisements because that means it is not personalized and instead it should be more in touch with readers but still get a point across.  The length of a sales letter can vary depending on each business and the person writing it.  This gives a better idea of what you should be aiming for but again, do not worry if it is a bit longer or shorter than this.  Typically a sales letter will run about eight pages but do not feel bad if it is less or more than that.

 You not only want to check it over for proper spelling and grammar but also ensure that all information is given in the right place.  If your letter is a bit longer than it should be it will be easier to trim down than it would be to add length if the letter was too short.  For the ending of a sales letter keep it sweet.  Leave readers intrigued rather than thankful the reading of the letter is over.


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