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Tips for Qualifying for the Georgetown University MBA Degree Program

Updated on January 16, 2012

Georgetown University is located in Washington, D.C. It has a McDonough School of Business that offers a prestigious MBA degree program. This business school has a very competitive admissions process. Those who would like to gain admission to Georgetown for an MBA should determine the qualifications well in advance. They can then map out a plan to improve their odds of getting accepted into this highly respected graduate business program.


While the GMAT is not the sole factor in the admissions process, it is definitely what makes Georgetown a competitive school for admission. According to the McDonough School of Business, the average score for 2010 was 678. Under GMAT scoring, that is around the 85th percentile, according to TestMasters.

Georgetown notes that the middle 80 percent had a range from 640 to 730. This means that only the bottom 20 percent scored below the 75th percentile or so. In sum, this means that you will probably need to score better than 75 percent of all GMAT test takers to have a score good enough for Georgetown MBA acceptance.

To help your chances here, it is advisable to take as many GMAT practice tests and test-prep courses as possible. You can start out by going to and downloading software or other tools to help you get ready for the GMAT.


The GPA is one area where you may be able to make up for a less-than-stellar GMAT score. The 2010 Georgetown class had an average of 3.3, with the middle 80 percent ranging from about 2.9 to 3.7. Thus, it is important to have a 3.0 or better to give yourself a decent chance of enrolling for an MBA at McDonough. This assumes that your other qualifications are up to snuff.

Work Experience:

While experience is not stated as an absolute requirement, it is a virtual necessity. In fact, the average is about five years, with the middle 80 percent having three to nine years of full-time experience after college graduation. Thus, it is possible to improve your profile and enrollment score by getting more work experience. This can be important if you are on the lower end of the GMAT or GPA standards.

Other requirements include an interview, essays and letters of recommendation. You should apply as early as possible to be guaranteed an interview at Georgetown. Otherwise, you will have to be selected for an interview. Read the FAQ page for additional details on qualifying for MBA admission.

There is an online application for the Georgetown MBA once you are ready to apply. Use that, but make sure you use the checklist to ensure you submit all required materials and complete the entire process for admission.


Georgetown MBA Degree Program FAQ Page

TestMasters: The GMAT Scoring Scale


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