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Tips for Writing Amazon Product Review

Updated on September 13, 2015

How To Review a Product

Writing a Compelling Product Review
Writing a Compelling Product Review | Source

How to Write Amazon Product Reviews

Writing Amazon products reviews is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online: A product review gives a detailed information to the customers who are deemed likely prospects of making a purchase. It is supposed to convince someone who have not actually used the product you are reviewing about.

While you can start a blog to review various Amazon products; the easiest way for beginners is to use Hubpages; or any other publishing platform of your choice to publish Amazon products review.

As much as you can review a product that you have not used; it is a good idea to review only the products you have personally used or is currently using: This will give your tone the authority it deserves to convince a potential buyer who is reading the product review.

Customers who are reading your product review article expects to hear about your personal experience with the product. They want to know about the things and features that you liked and didn't like about the product you are reviewing.

You can only satisfy these customer's expectations when you have personally encountered and used the product. However, I am not disputing the fact that there are a number of prolific writers out there who make a living out of writing product reviews; and have acquired the best writing skills to write a perfect review of products they have not personally used.

If you need to make money online reviewing products; get a copy of " How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews" by Gerry Marrs from the Amazon store and acquire the necessary skills that can get you started reviewing products.

So, what are the guidelines for writing a perfect reviews of any product? The following are important factors you should ensure you take into consideration in order to write a must read and buy product review.

Don't use sales tone

Avoid the sales tone
Avoid the sales tone | Source

Avoid the Sales Tone

A product review that is full of sales tone will chase away the potential customers. Customers hate to know that your motive is to get them to buy the product you are reviewing: Let them decide for themselves after reading an engaging review of a product. Be more focused on expressing the benefits of the product than convincing your readers to make a purchase.

Make a Clear Description of The Product

A clear product description will give your readers a clear picture of the product even before encountering and using it. On the other hand; describing the product in a more impressive way will win the trust of your readers. Ensure that you include the main features of the product and benefits of each and every feature. Include how you benefited on the product in personal level and the features you like in the product to make them believe that you have used the product before.

Don't Forget Professionalism

Professionalism ensures authority in marketing: Ensure that you bring in a little bit of professional experience in the field of the product you are reviewing. If you are reviewing portable electricity power bank, for example; talk of your experience and expertise in electronics in full capacity, including what you know and what you've learned over the years of in your professional career. Make your facts simple and useful to the reader in relation to the product you are reviewing; to help develop authority and win your readers trust that can stimulate purchasing decision.

Compare and Contrast

Make a brief comparison of similar products and stick with the best product that you are reviewing. Give clear benefits of using one product over the other; state the benefits of using a a power bank with a 60W rating over the one of 30W rating. You can even compare products from competing two different companies and stick with the best quality product. By comparing similar products and services; your readers will take you as an expert who has enough experience with the product you are reviewing.

Online Stores

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Mention Who the Product is Suitable for

Be specific and mentioning the individuals or group that can use the product you are reviewing: Portable power bank, for example; is suitable for the individuals who are traveling to places where they cannot find a power source to recharge electric gadgets such as cell phone and other electronics. Being specific about who can use the product and how to use makes your reader feel the need of having one of the product when in a given situation.

Highlight Few Problems and Their Solutions

Highlighting few problems that are associated with the product you are reviewing will make your readers feel that you are being genuine. Being genuine is one of the most important marketing techniques that buyers expect to see from the marketers. Include major problems with the product and come up with effective solutions for the problems. For example; a power bank with one charging port will only charge one gadget at a time; an immediate solution to this problem is having a power bank has several charging port and can charge more than one gadget at a time.

Include Incentive and Free Trials

Include incentive and free Trials; customers always need motivation in terms offers and free trials before actually making a purchasing decision. They need to try out the product so that they can find out the reason to spell their dollars in that particular product and not another one. If possible; include and talk about offers that can motivate your reader purchase and save some amount in the process of buying. If it is a product with a free trial period; ensure that you inform your readers who may interested in the free trials before upgrading to a premium version of the product or service that you are reviewing.

Include Product Guarantee and Delivery Method

Customers like products with a clear guarantee period; ensure that you include the guarantee period of the product you are reviewing. On the other hand; if possible, ensure that include money back guarantee so that your readers can be confident to make a purchase without fear of losing money in the future. Besides, you can also include shipping method and charges; and how long the product will approximately take before being received by the purchaser.

Include Others Opinions and Reviews

Including other people's opinion and Reviews let your readers know that the product you are reviewing has actually satisfied a number of people. Find by all means the reviews other users of the product have made, for example in the Amazon store and include them in your product review. This will also ensure more authority on the product and potential customers will deem the product useful; and consequently influence their purchasing decision.

Your Final Thoughts and Opinion Matters

Give a clear stand of your opinion when concluding: Your readers expect to hear your final opinion as to whether it is worth and cost effective to spending their money on the product. Let benefits of using the product stand-out clearly for the readers. While doing this; ensure that you avoid as much as possible the idea of persuading your readers to make an instant purchase; this will be more of exploitation than reviewing a product to show its importance.

Writing a Product Review

How to Write a Must-Read Product Reviews
How to Write a Must-Read Product Reviews | Source

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