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Tips for retaining salon clients

Updated on June 7, 2011

Why client retention is important?

Client retention is one the best profit maximization strategy and a great way to boost salon productivity. If you aren’t tracking your clients, you’re missing a large share of profits that you deserve.

After spending significant amount of time and energy to attract new clients, you want to keep them coming and hence it’s vital to do everything you can to keep them as clients.

Salon client retention techniques

Everyone talks about client retention, but not everyone knows how to retain their salon customers for higher profits.

Here are some tips for retaining salon clients that may help to boost your profits.

1. Don't have a casual attitude towards your clients. Be professional while dealing with them so they trust you and your services.

2. Clients need to know from the start that your salon is committed to quality. Once they are in your chair, never disappoint them with the quality of your services.

3. Make sure you service their needs as a team so they are confident they are in the right place.

4. While they are at the salon, provide them with tips on how they can take care of their hair, skin, etc. This is a great way to retain your salon clients.

5. Ask them to help you get the word out about your salon. You'll be amazed, how many of them will jump to help you.

6. Follow a systematic process to follow-through with your clients after a few weeks. If they resist coming back to your salon, encourage them to check out some new products or services that you have to offer.

7. Fix a goal and make sure you sincerely work to achieve it by following the tips given above.

How do you retain your clients?

Are you satisfied with your salon client retention rate? Let us know how and what secret things you do to retain your salon clientele!


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