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Tips for using social media

Updated on May 14, 2012
social networks contain like minded people
social networks contain like minded people

How are you using social media

It is using social media to draw people to your product or service and to do this you have to give them some thing they value. Filling a fan page full of links will not do this. How many of the links you find in Twitter do you click? How many link filled fan pages have you seen or been asked to go to? How do you feel when you are there? Do you avoid twitter because your tired of looking at tweets filled with links? There are exceptions which are other authors whose work we would like to read. Searching through a hundred tweets to reach them is not fun though.

We have a friends who say the old advertising media’s longer work. When is the last time you looked in a long distance phone book to find anything? Do you listen to a radio station with commercials? Do you spend much time watching television and when you do how many commercials do you actually pay attention to?

They say social media marketing is the wave of the future. Building relationships with social media can be done many ways and there are as many ways not to do it. Get it right and you will have more visitors than you know what to do with. Do it wrong and you will be staring at a blank screen.

Combine what you are passionate about (not business) with social sites, add pictures, post about your passion, meet people who have the same interest, then talk to them. If you listen in most cases you will find a need to fill with your product or service. You can have the pictures on certain sites lead to products or services which works better than placing links on a wall. A good set up will require very little time once you get it moving. Word of mouth and others sharing will keep people coming in.

Most can't afford to hire specialists so we have to learn what we can from them

Without social media there are three ways to find people who have some interest in your product or service. Using this media you add many more. Everything about internet marketing is finding people who have a need and convincing them to fill it with your product or service. The more you are able to find the better business is going to do.

The large companies who pay for successful short term social media marketing are putting out $50,000 to $100,000 dollars for a two to three month contract. This is because they don’t do it in house and use social media “experts” in more than one field. They usually have one person in house who coordinates the sub contractors. They will also hire a social media specialist to coordinate the marketing blast.

The majority of internet marketers and authors won’t spend anywhere near that much. We can only take what we can learn from those who do and put what we learn to work for us. One thing every good marketing campaign does is use something to draw attention to them.


Personal and about your passion

The most effective social media methods for small internet marketers is sharing something we are passionate about on as many social networks as we can handle. Twitter and U tube are probably the most used, many people have more than one twitter account. You should always have one twitter account just for talking to people on a personal level and about your passion.

A linked in account can be used as both a personal and professional platform. It is also a good place for networking. Facebook can be the biggest draw if it is used properly. Those who use it as a link farm are not going to get the results they want. Facebook is about personal passion,. There are two shown on our site. Articles of interest and amateur photography.

Yes we too made the mistake of using facebook as a link farm. For over a month there were nothing but links placed. A constant drop in views told us something was wrong. Taking it back to being about personal passion increased readership, comments and likes for our content. Those comments and likes are the viral element of facebook, as retweeting is on twitter and shares are for U tube.

The reason as internet marketers want to use media is to meet new people so we can find their need. After we find their need then we can show them how our product is going to fill it. Using our personal passion is the best draw, and related products or services is the best way to utilize social media marketing.

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