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Tips on How to Write a Professional CV - Resume

Updated on April 20, 2011
  • A good CV is a short CV. If you have 3 years experience and 5 pages of CV you are on wrong track.
  • If you are experience start your CV with your job experience. Briefly explain your former jobs and share any significant success on your job.
  • Avoid personal Pronouns. Using "I" or "Me" in your CV or Resume would look unprofessional. Instead of writing "I invented a device that increased sales 2 billion USD" write "Invented a device that increased company sales by 2 billion USD". (If you have such invention you don't have to worry that much about your CV :)
  • Don't go into too much details. You have 5-10 seconds to impress the person reviewing your CV. Share the important highlights and save the details for the interview.
  • If you have mastered on a particular profession emphasize your experience on this field.
  • Use exact figures while telling about your accomplishments. (i.e. instead of saying "I have increased company revenue in my region" use "I have increased revenues in Central Europe region by 15% in 2010" )
  • NEVER LIE. Don't tell you are an expert of a program you have only used for 5 minutes.
  • If you have any references in your CV, inform them in advance. Company you are applying may call your references before hiring you.
  • NO TYPOS. A simple typo can send your resume to trash. Don't forget to do a spell check before you submit your CV / resume.

Best Job Search Engines & Sites to Submit Your CV

MONSTER : Monster is the largest search engine preferred for US and international jobs. Monster isn't the best place to submit your CV and wait for someone to discover you due to excessive user database. However with the good search engine you may find the right job to apply.

LINKEDIN : Linkedin is the facebook of business life. If you have a business experience and you may be discovered by headhunters and HR departments thanks to social linking features of Linkedin. Increasing number of companies are present at Linkedin and using for seeking professinals.

INDEED : Indeed is the Google of job searching sites. Indeed has a very simple interface, you just fill in the job you're looking for and where. Indeed searches through job postings online and presents you the results from career sites, newspapers, corporate sites.

CV & Resume Templates

You may find CV Resume Templates from the following resources:


Executive/CEO Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Sales Management Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Information Technology (IT) Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Banking Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Healthcare (Nursing) Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Executive Assistant Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Graphic Design Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Industrial Engineering Resume: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Student/Recent Graduate

(more about Academic Skill Conversion Resumes)

Student / New Graduate Resume 1: sample resume (HTML) PDF

Student / New Graduate Resume 2: sample resume (HTML) PDF


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    • stevencruiser profile image

      stevencruiser 6 years ago

      I ma satisfied with the Artvandelay66,there is a difference between Cv and resume.

    • supplement pro profile image

      supplement pro 6 years ago

      CV is a term used in Britain and stands for Curriculum Vitae. :)

    • ArtVandelay66 profile image

      ArtVandelay66 6 years ago

      What is a CV? Sounds like it is a resume. It might be easier for your readers if you spell out what CV stands for in the beginning.