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Tips on Presenting Employee Performance Appraisals

Updated on May 27, 2010

Annual Reviews and Performance Evaluation Tips

Performance appraisals or annual reviews are a stressful part of the work environments. The manager attempts to make sure the review is accurate, non-accusatory and abides by all company guidelines and state laws. The employee stresses over what their manager will be saying, will a raise be involved and what actions will the employee have to defend on their review. Many of these stressful situations can be alleviated with a little bit of conversation before hand and on a regular basis.


Performance Appraisals should not be used as report cards but as status checks between the worker and the supervisor.

If you are the one preparing the review, ask the worker to complete a Performance Appraisal Input form and set a time to discuss the worker’s input before you begin working on the review. Review the worker’s training transcripts, collect any Awards or Customer Service comments the worker has earned and review your notes or documentation on what the worker has accomplished over the rating period. Use this time to review job responsibilities, create new goals, and measure performance against equally understood standards and job requirements. Only after this time of preparation should you set a time for the worker to meet with you to discuss the appraisal.


Evaluations should always be done face to face in a private area away from others. Respecting the privacy of the worker is essential. Always conduct the discussion in a private place. Allow the employee to talk; a supervisor should be descriptive rather than judgmental…be supportive, not authoritarian…project equality, not superiority and be accepting, not dogmatic. Ask open, reflective and direct questions. Set a schedule to provide information for improvement regularly, not just annually. Agree on expectations and review goals if necessary. Focus on future goals, not past failures.


After the performance appraisal, review written records, new goals or work plans and keep tuned into the worker’s progress. Try your best to schedule monthly or at least quarterly meetings with each staff member to keep the lines of communication open. A review should not be the only time you speak privately with an employee. Build a relationship of trust by communicating often and regularly. If you do this, the next review will be easier and less stressful for both parties.


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      5 years ago

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