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Tips to Create Awesome Multimedia Business Presentation

Updated on July 1, 2014

The objective of every business

The ultimate objective of each business is to generate sales whether it is a product or a service they are selling. Business leaders often use presentations as a mean of reaching out to potential consumers, industry peers or their own sales force. In the age of technology and social media where information dissemination is a matter of seconds, it is crucial to make your presentation stand out if you hope for maximum impact. This is where multimedia tools can prove particularly useful. Sound, video, animation, photographs, statistics and imagery in various combinations can make for some eye-catching presentations that leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Business Presentations
Business Presentations

Before preparing one

Listed below are some tips that are known to contribute significantly to positive outcomes of a multimedia presentation:

  • Content is King: No matter how flashy your videos or catchy the background score, your presentation must have strong content. You must include accurate information and solid facts about your company, products or services.
  • Remember to use key phrases about the subject: A good presenter would ensure repeated message delivery of the key points throughout the presentation, even if with different tools such as animation once and graphs at other time.
  • Balance audio and video content: It is important to optimize the potential of a balanced approach when using a background score with a video. Too much music, for instance, may take away from the seriousness of the topic while an overdose of visuals without much accompanying sound may not deliver the message effectively.
  • If using slides: Pay attention to the slide layout, font, design and textual content. Crisp, clean slides with plenty of space and concise, bulleted points work best for business purposes. Remember to intersperse text with statistics, graphs or charts as appropriate to break monotony and retain the audience’s attention. Do note that too much animation or an overdose of figures, for instance may cause too much clutter and bore your audience. It may also be perceived as an attempt to disguise insufficient knowledge.
  • Check infrastructure: Depending on where you are going to present, ensure that your work can be played properly on the computer. Animation and graphic content should be screened for any timing errors due to incompatibility with the system, as should all the audio and video equipment.
  • Practice sessions: A multimedia presentation can be really powerful when the presenter’s timing is spot-on. Visual aids can mesmerize your audience if your voice is in tandem with the images they are seeing. Take a colleague’s or friend’s help to rehearse and get the right tempo.



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If used judiciously, multimedia tools are a boon to businesses. They are capable of impressing industry experts, luring consumers, inspiring employees or stunning competitors. They can leave an impact on the audience such that these presentations become huge talking points and lead to the one thing you set out to do: Generate revenue!

Now, it is always easy to read the tips and best practices but difficult to create a presentation of same quality. You must try it by yourself because no one knows the subject better than you. And, if you are still not capable of producing creative and attractive presentation you can hire a freelance designer or any business multimedia presentation design agency that has enough experience in the field.

Happy Presenting!


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