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Tips to avoid nervousness during meeting

Updated on December 18, 2011

Steps needed to avoid stage fear during a meeting or presentation


Stage fear is the main problem that most of us face when giving a speech or presentation.We might have prepared well in self,but when we come to the stage,we may get nervous and forget all of our preparations.By proper training and repeated practice,we can surely overcome stage fear and get success in your every speech

Stage fear is the major problem,that even many professional orators face while preparing for a speech in front of a large crowd of audience.But,we can surely overcome that if we follow these steps and practice them regularly.
1.Practice your speech in front of mirror

We all know that "Practice makes perfect" and according to it we should prepare,focus on the main topic on our speech and should practice it again and again in front of mirror.Practicing in front of mirror improves our self confidence and also our self respect

2.Take a deep breath,half an hour before performing a speech

A deep breath is essential to have a smooth flow in your speech.So,take a deep breath,if possible meditate and clean up your mind from all unwanted things and get a focus on your topic through that meditation.This helps to avoid the unnecessary anxiety and nervousness during the speech.
3.Assume that there are no one in front of you during the speech

We should understand and assume that all the people in the crowd don't know anything about your focused topic and you should not be startled by the audience in front of you.Sometimes even your error in a point may turn out to be a new solution to the discussed topic.

4.Always think positive about you and your performance in front of others.

It not only improves your confident speech in stage but also improves your overall conversation with others in daily life
5.Prepare well and present it in front of your neighbors or with your friends

Concentrate much on your focused area of your topic.Prepare again and again and try to present it in front of your family or friends and tell them to spot out the errors you're committing so that you can make sure that you avoid those errors during your speech.

6.Assume and think that all the persons hearing our speech are equal to us and present your speech in an well confident approach

7.Hear the speeches of professional orators and practice the ascent

Hearing the speeches made by professional orators or speakers renews and gives a new energy to you and makes you believe that you can surely perform well with confidence.You can also get a well made professional ascent if you hear their speeches.

8.Don't stick with your topic and emerge with new ideas to be presented to the audience so that you feel comfortable on your topic.

Assume that you are presenting your speech and then suddenly you forget your topic and don't know what to do.At this step many of us become nervous so that we also forget our well known topics that comes next.What we should do is,try to get out of the focused topic and we should discuss something related to our forgotten topic and then make a link with our next known topic to make a steady flow in our speech and the audience won't know that you forgot something in the middle.Remember,the audience are always interested in hearing new ideas apart from your speech.

9.Practice the shown steps well

Practice the above said tips for having a comfortable experience while performing in stage.

10.Going wrong doesn't end your speech

Finally think that,even if you go anything wrong in your topic,that won't affect your entire speech or people's mentality.Remember that making mistakes is common to man and make sure that some small mistakes don't affect your entire speech.Most of the times people accept the mistakes committed by you during your speech and you can cover that mistake by going apart the topic or telling a humorous joke related to your topic.

obstacles and the method of avoiding those obstacles during our speech

However,when fear attacks you in stage even if you have followed the prescribed steps,Your foot and hands may start tremble and this makes you an chance of deviating from the topic.In that case,walk through the stage and make some gestures that is apt for your speech topic and ask some questions to make you comfortable and also to make your audience clearer on your subject.Practice,practice and practice these steps and make yourselves a professional speaker.

Hope this helps you to achieve success,You can check out this link for some more tips for avoiding stage fear and also it has some other some tips on improving real life interactions with people.Get this at

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