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Corporate Giveaway and Business Souvenir Suggestions for a Cause

Updated on June 17, 2013

Here's a different business souvenir idea that would deliver two purpose: providing the souvenir itself and reaching out to a marginalized community. This kind of souvenir definitely deviates from the mainstream business souvenirs but surely in a positive way.

The Rise of Souvenirs

In almost every business occasions such as induction of officers, position turnover, celebration of success, business conference and etc. there are souvenirs handed to each of the attendees, usually in the end of the program. This has already been a common practice in the world of business and professionalism all over the globe.

But what is it other than tradition that compels business persons to continue giving out souvenirs? Others would respond that they need to leave something that would signify their legacy, accomplishments and excellence. And the best thing to do it is to have a souvenir - a memorabilia. But there are also a handful of people that do this for an odd sake of impressing other people alone, as if saying "Beat that, I was able to give out Fountain Pens embedded with diamonds!".

But which of these is the more appropriate compelling reason to justify handing out souvenirs? Definitely, it is the one mentioned first. However, it shouldn't just stop there. These people should also consider an upright underlying message (i.e. a cause) when planning out on what to give.

However, here comes a problem - what should you give out as souvenirs? Surely, there are tons of them that you may think of. But here is something rather different: Tokens and handicrafts made by a beneficiary community (e.g. marginalized) as a souvenir. In this article, we will build on this idea and learn why this is a great suggestion!

A sample handicraft of a marginalized community
A sample handicraft of a marginalized community

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Building on the Idea

How does this idea exactly work?

The idea works this way: You'll buy items from a beneficiary community engaged in making handicrafts and tokens, and these will serve as the souvenirs. Here's another suggestion. You could talk to the leaders of your chosen community, and ask if you can customize the items (e.g. putting your company's logo, adding the tagline of your company and etc.).

Reaching Out to the Community

What's good about this idea is that you'll be able to contribute to the society by helping out those in need. By patronizing the products of the marginalized community, you are doing them a great favor! It is as if you are giving support to them (like a charity). .

The Need to Help Others

We are in a point where social apathy is winning over. Hence, we need to start turning the wheel to the other direction again, and begin a new culture of reaching out to the needy and engaging with the society. John Mason, the author of the An Enemy Called Average (which I included in my List of 5 Influential Books), once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of bad things is for good men to do nothing." Thus, we should act today, and do the right things!

Forgetting the Impress Belief System

Okay. So you may wonder: "What would my colleagues and employees say? They might think I'm just joking with the souvenirs. What if they laugh on the souvenirs?". Again, this is a symptom of being entrapped by the impress belief system. Focus on the meaning and essence of the souvenirs, not on how great they look and how expensive they are. This way you'll make an impact as you remind the recipients of their social responsibility and role in the society.

Not Just in Business

This souvenir suggestion is not entirely limited to the corporate world. Thersave e are other places where it is suitable to employ this suggestion. Here are some examples:

  • Rotary Clubs - these are organizations with different sets of advocacy. It is natural for them to help marginalized community. Hence, by taking into consideration this souvenir idea, they are going to be another step closer to their vision.
  • Groups with a Cause - if you have an organization with a particular cause (e.g. helping out the poor, promoting education etc), giving this kind of souvenir will be a great suggestion. This is because the souvenir idea is highly probable to be aligned with what the organization believes in.
  • Non-Profit Organizations - Since non-profit organizations tend to protect and help other people, it would be great if they will also use this souvenir idea. Through it, they can expand the range of their help to the marginalized community.

Hopefully, you find this information useful. And that the impress belief system in souvenirs will be replaced by a cause-driven belief system. This way, business leaders will set a mark in shaping the society by raising awareness of reaching out to the needy.

Share your souvenir ideas!

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