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Tools for Marketers: E-Zines

Updated on December 20, 2012

E-Zines can include interesting pictures!

In my travel E-Zine, I'd often include interesting pictures of icons and landmarks.  Felix the Cat here is located in Los Angeles, CA
In my travel E-Zine, I'd often include interesting pictures of icons and landmarks. Felix the Cat here is located in Los Angeles, CA | Source

To E-Zine or Not to E-Zine?

Years ago I was a part of an amazing website, which I believe is now defunct, called I had an E-Zine for travel tips and I used this in my World Ventures business. Not only did I have all the people in my personal business receiving my newsletter/e-zine, I also had a ton of random people also sign up for the travel tips too. What was cool about this is that it was a neat way to market my business in a relaxed format. Nobody ran screaming from the room when my e-Zine hit their email, they loved to open it up and learn more! Then at the end, I'd announce our member's-only deals and let the ships fall where they may. (Ships... I am a leisure travel consultant ..ha ha pun intended!)

So what is an E-Zine? Basically an e-Zine is a magazine that is written on the internet. You write a little collection of articles and this then gets blasted out to all the subscribers to your E-Zine and arrives in their email.

How is this different from a blog? A Blog is a collection of articles on the internet, basically a passive set of articles that sit and wait for your people to come and read them when they happen to think of you. An E-Zine is more active because it is sent out to your people. The minute that they get it, you are on their minds again and they have renewed interest in your words, and ultimately, in your product.

How do you write a successful E-Zine? When you write an e-zine, keep entertainment first in mind and always remember to add value to your people's lives. Your readers are the most important thing in your business life. These are your customers and lifeblood of your company. You want to reward them as often as possible. Give them pointers, hints, tips at winning in whatever topic your business entails. Use this E-Zine to reward your readers with your coupons, your specials and your freebies. This will keep them addicted to your e-Zine and addicted to your business as a result!

How often should I publish my E-Zine? I would say at the minimum 12 times per year maybe with one Bonus Issue per year... for summer or for Christmas depending on the nature of your business. At the most, you want this to be special so no more than once per week. Whatever you decide, make certain you CAN commit to it 100% and will be able to keep it up so do not bite off more than you can chew! You can always start out writing and email marketing your E-Zine once per month and grow to twice per month and see your comfort level with it at that point. Basically keeping your mind on your business is foremost the most important thing. Advertising and marketing is the only way you can grow that business.

Do I have to E-zine? No, of course not. However it is a much more friendly and relaxed way to contact your customers than an email blast or a e-newsletter. It just feels a bit more exciting and special. The same way that watching a re-run episode of I Love Lucy now versus waiting in the 1950's for that show to come on for that one special half hour every week for the first time! An E-Zine is an event. Not just another email. Something to think about. =)


Mermaid Girl


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