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Top 5 Free Gift Certificate Template Websites

Updated on August 14, 2012

Free Gift Certificate Template

a free gift certificate template
a free gift certificate template | Source

Offering gift certificates for your customers is an excellent way to add value to your business. Instead of wasting your money and hiring a designer for your custom gift certificate, you can use a certificate template which you fill out online or through a pdf or word file. Then you simply print your gift certificate and sell to your customers.

Here is a list of the top 5 websites to get your free gift certificate template:

1. Gift Template : Offers a wide variety of free gift certificate templates for personal and business use that you fill out online. Numerous holiday, celebration, occasion, business or activity certificate templates are available. Each gift template can be customized to include exactly the information that you need with 9 blank input fields, including terms and conditions for your gift certificate. You can download or print your template after you are done entering your information.

2. Gift Certificate Factory : Has a collection of a couple of business templates, but mostly offers personal templates. On the plus side you can fill out the certificate online, on the downside there are only a few input fields available for your personal certificates. You can choose to print or download the templates after you are done.

3. Vertex42 : Has a few simple gift certificates for download. The designs are very basic but may work for some people. The gift certificates are provided as a Microsoft Word document but they also offer a separate file for Open Office.

4. Apollo's Templates : Provides a few simple pdf templates, but also requires a pdf editor in order to fill in the blank templates. The certificate templates are basic, the difference between some of them are only the colors.

5. Microsoft Office Templates : Official Microsoft office website for certificate templates, you need to download and edit the templates offline. The templates are submitted by users so the quality on some of the gift certificates can be very low. Requires Microsoft Office to be installed in order to edit the certificate templates and the collection of templates is very small.

Choosing a good gift certificate design is critical, many websites offer low quality templates with limited blank fill-in fields. Many countries and states require gift certificates that are sold to include information such as terms and conditions and business contact information on the certificate. So take your time and pick the template that looks professional, fits your business and offers the right amount of input fields.


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