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Best Cities: Sugar Maple State's Chanhassen MN; Attractions and Job Market

Updated on July 21, 2012

Number 2 in the New Top 10 Best Cities

Chanhassen (sweet-sap or sugar maple tree in the Sioux language) is Money Magazine's second pick for its Top 10 Best Places to Live in America. A suburb to the southwest of the Twin Cities, Chanhassen is home to approximately 25,000 people. within 24 square miles of land that includes a dozen beautiful lakes and a large arboretum and public gardens compound. Additional green space draws new residents to town.

From 2004 - 2009, property taxes in Chanhassen decreased as property values actually increased overall. Unemployment in the second half of 2009 remained significantly lower than the national average, because of a wealth of open positions among a variety of career fields in nearby Minneapolis to the east. Chanhassen supports its own growing economy as well as serving as a suburb and residential outpost of the Twin Cities.

Chanhassen, unlike the Number One Best Place to Live, Lousiville CO, has room to expand its population. Louisville covers only about 8 square miles of territory in comparison to Chanhassen's 24, three times the area.

Sugar Maple

The Sugar Maple is prolific in this part of the USA.
The Sugar Maple is prolific in this part of the USA. | Source
A place called the Sugar Shack
A place called the Sugar Shack | Source

Chanhassen, Near Eden Prairie's Strong Economy

A markerChanhassen -
Chanhassen, MN, USA
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Autumn Sugar Maple
Autumn Sugar Maple | Source

21st Century Growth

Chanhassen was a small farming community from the mid-1800s to 1960, when it began to grow with new residents and businesses. In 1852, Germans from the St. Paul MN area moved into the Chanhassen area to begin farming careers in fertile soils. Native American land ownership ended in 1853 and additional settlers moved in. After the American Civil War, a parish of German Catholic residents flourished. That group still exists in Chanhassen, but alongside other faiths, including the world HQ of ECK, Eckankar.

In the 1890s, manufacturing moved to Chanhassen and brought with it taverns and hotels. The first mall was built in the 1960s. This was followed by the move in of a large home builder that increased the numbers of houses in the city and founded the dinner theaters so popular today.

The 1970s brought a movement to revitalize the Downtown Chanhassen area, which has drawn additional businesses and residents to the city, with room for expansion. The local development organization provides ongoing plans for expansion and attraction of new commercial enterprises to the city.

Patining by Henry Schwabe in 1902: "The siege of New Ulm, Minnesota." Battle date: August 19,1862. USA won.
Patining by Henry Schwabe in 1902: "The siege of New Ulm, Minnesota." Battle date: August 19,1862. USA won.

Shakopee Veterans' and 7-Nations Recognition

Population Mix

The population of Chanhassen is largely descended from the German, Norwegian, Irish, Swedish, and English, with nearly 3% Native Americans, higher than in many other US States. Genealogy is traced for some of these groups at the Chanhassen Historical Society, which provides a large online gallery of old photos as well and family links. The Minneapolis Genealogy Society also examines and keep many such records (see links above).

The Dakota of the Sioux Nation tribes was a local Indigenous roup in this territory. The Dakota largely moved west after the 1862 Sioux Uprising that resulted when certain US agents withheld annuity payments to the reservations and caused starvation. In fact, one government representative reportedly stated that the Sioux should go eat grass. The Indigenous People revolted and attacked, and some Dakota were jailed, hanged, or expelled from Minnesota. Eventually, their reservations eliminated; however, today the local Sioux maintain several successful businesses in the Chanhassen area. For example:

The Sioux Nation has also installed wind turbines to access alternative energy since 2009.

Shakopee Pow Wow Photos

National Weather Service Map

(government/public domain)
(government/public domain)

Employment Projections 2006 - 2016

High Demand Jobs to 2016, with Median Average Salary in 2009

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs) $73,503
  2. Computer Software Applications and Systems Software Engineers $89,389/$94,317
  3. Accountants and Auditors $60,018
  4. Sales Representatives $52,936
  5. Mainstream Elementary and Secondary School Teachers ~ $50,000
  6. Computer Systems Analysts $74,902
  7. Computer Specialists $49,033 to$76,675
  8. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts $83,361
  9. Management Analysts $80,861
  10. Network and Computer Systems Administrators $73,417
  11. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services $66,999
  12. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses $43,014
  13. Industrial Engineers $79,703
  14. Human Resources, Employment & Training Professionals $61,691
  15. Insurance Sales Agents $53,910
  16. Child, Family, and School Social Workers $59,151

High Demand Job Openings - Over 100% Increase

Since 2009, the 23,000+ job openings listed online for the Greater Chanhassen Area increased to 53,000+ by July 2012. High Demand Jobs listed in bold type are mentioned in the employment projections above.

  1. SALES: Salespersons, Inside Sales, Sales Specialists, Sales Representatives, Service Specialists, Sales and Service Specialists
  2. Business Analysts - May include management analysts.
  3. Project Managers
  4. IT Engineers
  5. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  6. Customer Service Representatives
  7. Administrative Assistants
  8. Financial Analysts
  9. Physical Therapists
  10. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  11. Insurance Sales Agents
  12. Staff Accountants
  13. Java Developer
  14. Assistant Managers
  15. CVS Pharmacy Crew
  16. Shift Supervisors
  17. Pharmacy Technicians
  18. Account Executives - Financial Services Products
  19. Taco Bell Hourly Team Members

Largest Employers For Chanhassen

  1. Rosemount, Inc. - Aerospace and electrical products.
  2. Life Time Fitness
  3. IWCO Direct
  4. SuperValu
  5. General Mills
  6. Target

Top Hiring Companies

  1. Target
  2. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  3. Thomson Reuters
  4. Medtronic
  5. UnitedHealth Group
  6. IBM
  7. Deloitte
  8. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut
  9. Frontier Communications
  10. Allina
  11. PETCO
  12. US Bancorp
  13. Wells Fargo
  14. HealthEast Care System
  15. Boston Scientific
  16. Allina Hospitals & Clinics
  17. Ecolab
  18. CDI
  19. Cargill
  20. Robert Half Finance & Accounting



Major employers like IBM and Medtronic in Chanhassen and the Twin Cities specialize in techniques, tools, and equipment that increasingly improve healthcare and lengthen the healthy lifespan. Together, Healthcare and Information Technology comprise the most important industrial fields full of employment opportunities in this part of Minnesota today. Resisting economic deterioration via continued development, even in a recession, Chanhassen is home to workers whose median household income is over $90,000 annually.

IBM DNA Transistor

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    • Cheeky Chick profile image

      Cheeky Chick 7 years ago

      Wow! Two well written, information packed hubs in one day? I'm impressed! How do you do it? With all the research, writing, photos, video clips, and graphics, it would have taken me a week.

      Well done!

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from North America

      When I first began, it took quite a while to complete a good Hub. With practice and some solid reources, it becomes easier. Plus, HubPages has offered so many new features regarding editing and the Hub capsules, that writing becomes easier every week. Thanks for reading and commenting, Cheeky Chick!

    • Ambition398 profile image

      Ambition398 7 years ago

      I love these Jobs Hubs. You make it so easy for people to who are in need of jobs to really be able to figure out if this is the right place for them to start looking or move to. Great always :)

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 7 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Patty Inglish, what a nice Hub. Thanks. I lived in Minnesota for eight years and I know what a great place it is. Minneapolis has a bedroom community next to it called Richfield, then comes Bloomington, then Edina - where I worked - and close to it is Eden Praieie and next to it is Chanhassen. The latter is maybe 45 minutes from Minneapolis. The roads are very good, even in winter. Even the Russians came to Minnesota one year to find out how they maintain their highways in all the ice and snow they get. They use a lot of chemicals, but their major routes are always open. Seldom do they get 3 feet of snow as they did on the night of Haloween, year 2001. We had been there only a month and were hit with a wet snow first, that stuck on the roads for two months (because we were just getting into the really cold weather)and then two feet of snow. It was terrible getting from our apartment which at that time was in Plymouth, north and west of the Twin Cities. I have been to a show at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. We even looked for a home there as it is a newer area than Eden Prairie with about the same home prices. Most of the links and places you refer to are not in Chanhassen proper. I never saw hotels or taverns there - it is primarily just a residential area and you really can't tell when you leave Eden Prairie and when you arrive into Chanhassen, it's that dense now. Maybe the hotels and taverns were an 1890s phenomenon, I don't know. Great Hub. Don Whie

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from North America

      Ambition398 - surely, these will help a few people at least. I have heard from some that have found jobs and/or moved. Hope to hear fomr more.

      Don - Thanks for all that information; makes a nice addition.

    • VivBounty profile image

      VivBounty 7 years ago from Canada

      Great hub, timely and amazingly choc-a-block with fantastic content and media. I'm impressed. Well done.

    • Steve Meyer profile image

      Steve Meyer 7 years ago


      I've read several local job hubs. They are excellent, "on-the-ground" business analysis. Thanks for your fine work.


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