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Top 20 Interview Questions For Nurses

Updated on October 27, 2014

Getting through an interview is the most challenging part of the job interview process. It becomes more difficult when you are facing a nurse job interview. Where you could be asked varieties of questions some might be predictable while others may be out of context. The key to success for any job interview is going well prepared and doing your homework so that you can at least take control of things you know in advance. Here I have listed down couple for common nurse interview questions, which can help you crack the interview with confidence. Read on to see what these questions are and take few moments to jot down the most suitable answer that you can give as per your resume and circumstance.

Some Things to Do Prior To Attending Nurse Job Interview:

- Are you very clear about the job requirement? If not read through the job description thoroughly and than have your strongest experience and skills listed. So that you do not have to scuffle and try remembering things when the interview is going on.

- Do you know who is going to take the interview? There are chances that you may not at all come to know who will be taking the interview. But still try finding out, so that you can do some background study of the person’s profile and know in advance the likes and dislikes of the interviewer. This small study at-times help in diplomatically handling tricky questions.

- Talk to expert and experienced people in the same field. If you are newbie and know little of the nurse job interview proceedings than it would be a good idea to talk to experts in the same field. They will be able to provide some inputs on what kind of questions could be asked and what would be considered as the best answer.

- Keep your resume and documents properly filed up, prior to going for the interview.

- Always reach the interview venue 15 minutes earlier.

- For a nurse job interview avoid wearing scrubs and stick to professional attires. A suit would be just perfect. Also avoid wearing bright colors with heavy accessories.

20 Most Common Nurse Interview Questions:

Q1 – Tell us about yourself?

Q2 – Why did you choose nursing as a career option?

Q3 – How will you handle a patient who continuously complains about pain?

Q4 – Why do you think that you are the right candidate for this job?

Q5- Tell us about your most significant accomplishments and achievements?

Q6 – What skill sets you can bring to this job?

Q7- What do you already know about this job?

Q8- How would you define a role of a staff nurse?

Q9 – Do you have any specific reasons for applying in this hospital or trust?

Q10- How would you define your career path and career goals?

Q11 –How do handle stress on the job?

Q12- How do you handle a situation, when the family is not pleased with the patients care?

Q13- What did you dislike most about your previous job?

Q14- Describe a challenging situation which you faced as a nurse in your career and how you solved it?

Q15- Share one experience where you felt you have done a tremendous job and felt self satisfied?

Q16- How do you handle rejections?

Q17- How would you handle a situation when an important controlled drug is missing?

Q18- How do you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest happenings in the medical industry (your field)?

Q19- How would you describe an ideal job and great working environment?

Q20 – What all you would like to do in first few months of your nursing job?

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