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Top 5 Free Issue Tracking Solutions

Updated on April 3, 2013

What basically an Issue Tracking Software is?

This is an Information Management System which is designed to maintain and manage the list of issues and in the case of Project Management, the issues related to this particular field. The Project Management Issues are created, updated and those which are resolved are all part of the Issue Tracking Management System. These are the basic functions found in an issue tracking software, but there are many other features included as well.

Now the next question which arises here is that does one have to make their own system or can they find online free issue tracking software. The answer to this question is yes. There are many online sites which provide quality free issue tracking software on a trial basis. The free versions are almost as good as the full versions and the users can get an idea of how easier managing projects can be with these software. Following are the top 5 free Issue Tracking solutions which can be used by you.


Codendi is the currently rated the top project management solutions provider. Along with other great features of the software is the issue tracking system which is instilled into the software. Their motto is to track, trace, link everything. The best part of this free issue tracking software is that every issue or bug trackers are already defined, which would save you a lot of time and effort. Other than that you are given the facility of customizing the existing trackers which are available, to tailor them to your needs and requirements. With the system you can locate or trace any existing project items such as requirements for schedule for the project. You can also link any issue or bug to any source and assign what tasks need to be done to resolve that issue. Finally you can also create groups, which can only be accessed by certain users.

Trac Plus

Trac plus is the second best free issue tracking software. The reasons why Trac Plus is different from the rest is that it provides two tools which others do not provide, such as the Earned Value Management and RACI Matrix. This will allow better to handle, observe and spread information during projects. Issue can be created on multiple levels of hierarchies which will allow you to handle difficult situations. There is a report engine which allows creating excellent reports. Other than that both the report engine and the interface can be customized as well.


JIRA issue and project tracking is widely used around the world. This software allows you to handle all your projects in one interface. This helps you to manage all project related issue and the tasks which will be performed. Other than that u can create groups which would have restricted access if required. By default a workflow is already included in the software, which includes managing various bugs, tasks, and issue in various fields. You can also group similar or related issues in different project groups and assign them as well.


GEMINI has won an award for providing great issue tracking solutions for projects. This allows tracking and addressing issues which arise in during project management. It helps to let you know where the issue has occurred and how it will be resolved. Who has the access to that part of the project process and once the issue is recorded it is the job of the GEMINI software to track it. One can define their own sects of issues with a unique reference id and even make relationships. Items can be further grouped into sub items, and once the sub item issue is resolved then only will the main item issue be tackled with.


BONTQ is the final free issue tracking software, which I highly recommended by most big companies in many countries. It provides a free 30 day trial and can be tested before actually purchasing it. Amongst other tracking services such as tasks, notices, documents etc, the most noticeable is the bug or issue tracking feature. This bug tracking includes the issue tracking as well. Many stakeholders are concerned now days how to detect, manage, track and resolved bugs and issue. This outstanding product provides an excellent interface which would help companies in closing or resolved major issues and bugs.


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