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Top Schools for Online IT Masters Degrees

Updated on August 21, 2011

As a hardworking information technology professional, the hours and challenges can be long and demanding. It seems that everyone is competing for your time and expertise, making it difficult for you to continue pursuing your own IT training and education. But continued education is critical because new technology is introduced at a faster pace than ever. Putting off your IT Masters degree could cost you thousands in earnings and even more in the way of career progression.

Earning a degree online has become the perfect solution for thousands of IT professionals every year. The flexibility of online university IT courses gives students the ability to continue working and earning a living for their family, and still accomplish their goal of attaining an IT Masters degree. Obtaining an advanced degree in the IT field is a solid step to increasing your value to an employer or client and lead to much greater job security and income.

There are virtually hundred of colleges and universities offering online IT Masters Programs, but a little investigation will reveal that many are nothing more than diploma mills seeking to make a buck off of the IT education industry. A degree from one of these schools is usually not taken seriously by the industry and in some cases could cost you your job. It is far better to put the time and effort into a solid online IT degree program that is accredited and respected by professionals in the IT field. Three of the best online colleges for earning IT Masters Degrees are Regis University, Sullivan University and Southern New Hampshire University.

MBA Grad Letricia Gillette

Regis University, Denver, CO

If your goal is to move into an Information Technology leadership position, Then Regis University is a great option to help you get there. The Masters Degree programs at Regis focus on the business development aspect of information technologies and developing them for efficient productivity to meet consumer demands, and are highly competitive. The IT courses incorporate real-life assignments in a 36-hour program. Individual classes are available in accelerated 8-week terms or mini-semesters and are delivered in a variety of formats including DVD, CD, asynchronous communication, web-based classrooms and forums. Regis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Tuition rates for online IT courses through the university currently stand at $680 per semester hour. The school’s financial aid department has available resources to help students apply for and obtain several financial aid options. Regis University has two prerequisites for enrolling in their IT Masters Degree program. Students must have obtained an IT Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution, and they must have 3 or more years of verifiable work experience in the field. Visit Regis University online for more information about their programs, or speak with an enrollment counselor.

Vet Earns Degree from Sullivan

Sullivan University, Louisville, KY

Sullivan University offers a Masters in Managing Information Technology designed to help IT professionals keep pace with technological changes and progress in their career. The program is also available for those coming from other disciplines looking for a new career option in the IT Management field. Sullivan’s IT Masters program has a strong focus on E-commerce, systems development, integrity and reliability, and security issues, as well as the mastery of core supervisory skills. The program's focal point is on strategy and provides the education tools required to increase  authority within the IT profession and technologies that will greatly improve the profitability of IT companies. Sullivan uses three objectives to measure academic progress including technical knowledge, conceptual understanding, and the ability to conduct independent research to support intelligent business decisions. Courses are monitored by asynchronous communication and email with instructors. The program’s core mission is to enhance the management of information technology and innovation. Tuition for the Masters Degree IT program is currently set at $435 per semester hour + a $50 per credit technology fee for online courses. The school offers several proprietary scholarships as well as assistance with applying for federal grants and loans to ease the student’s financial burden. Sullivan University is accredited by Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Contact Sullivan University for more information on their IT Masters Degree plans.


Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH

SNHU’s online Masters of Information Technology Management degree is perfect for students seeking to learn strategic and operational technology functions for business. This MBA program is a 39 semester hour course designed to lead a professional group of technology experts to design, implement and market innovative, competitive technologies that will enhance the company’s value and profitability within the IT industry. SNHU uses the popular Blackboard online education system to deliver asynchronous interaction with course instructors that have the feel of being in an actual classroom. The IT Masters program is conducted through 11 week semesters and classes are offered year-round. SNHU also has an outstanding group of online counselors who will assist with everything from enrollment to individual class recommendations and registration. Current tuition rate for the SNHU IT Management Masters degree is $1,722 for each course. Some courses may require lab or technology fees. The requirements for entering the MBA program include a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of a 2.74 GPA and prerequisite business courses. Visit SNHU or more information on enrolling in this MBA program.

Beware of Diploma Mills

Many students every year are duped into paying for “degrees” from non-accredited diploma mills. A diploma mill is an institution that poses as a legitimate college or university, and may allude to some type of non-existent or unrecognized accreditation. The degree mills basically promise to give a student a degree in return for a certain monetary amount and base the degree on “Life Experience”. Eager, impatient students can be easily tempted to take the shortcut just so they can put some type of degree on a resume. This tactic has backfired more often than not, and in some cases has led to criminal charges for fraud. Here are a few things to look for if you suspect a college is actually a degree mill:

  • Special emphasis on how quickly you can receive your degree
  • There is no definable admission standard (Just an enrollment fee)
  • The tuition amount covers the complete cost of the degree
  • Course materials contain grammatical errors and appear less than professional
  • The promise of a degree within a specified time (from a few weeks to a couple of months)
  • There is no course monitoring by faculty (all instruction is self-paced)
  • The “school” has changed their state location multiple times

These are the most prevalent signs to look for, however, as the online education continues to grow, these diploma mills will surely develop new tactics to deceive prospective students into paying for a worthless piece of paper.


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